The Magic Of Fantasy Books


Everyone loves a good book. You can’t get over reading pages and pages of novels that portray fiction stories, horror, crime, drama, etc. But a significant number of people prefer to read fantasy stories nowadays. Sure, other genres have a lot to offer audiences.

But there is something about fantasy novels and books that give them a competitive edge. There is more to fantasy books than out-of-this-world stories and unimaginable settings. There are also book cover design that add to the overall impact of what you read.

With fantastic graphics or logo on the cover selling the book is a success. It is not only about marketing and sales for many fantasy authors, and many writers enjoy sharing their stories and tales with audiences.

Why Fantasy Books?

The world has countless things to offer. You will never find a shortage of things to read about, including:

  • Crime and real-life tragedies
  • Law and courthouse scenarios
  • Environmental issues
  • Animals and their habitats
  • And other things

That is why more and more authors opt to write fantasy tales. These stories and novellas capture the imagination of readers and audiences. Something about a book portrays a land far away from our own where the whales fly around castles in the sky.

Such a prospect is what keeps readers coming back for more. They are aware these stories cannot happen in the real world.

A Form Of Escape

Many people feel the world has nothing but problems to throw at them. After all, living day-to-day with too much on anyone’s plate is not easy. There is schoolwork to accomplish, work to complete, businesses to run, and relationships to maintain. Many of these daily aspects are challenging. That is why many people turn to all types of relief and escape. Many indulge in sports and activities. Others choose to play online games with friends and family. Other people choose books as their form of escape and stress relief.

Fantasy books offer a different kind of relief for readers. Many people use their imagination to immerse themselves into the worlds and settings they read between book pages. Sure, computer games and social media still have an edge with such an aspect. However, several people still prefer good, old-fashioned paper or hardbound books.

That’s Not All

But it is not all about relieving stress and escaping real-world problems with fantasy books. Thousands of individuals enjoy book reading as a pastime or hobby. The only downside to this aspect is people might run out of room to place and store their novels and books.

Tales From The Internet

An internet user shares a tale regarding her fantasy book collection. She mentions how she has a knack for purchasing a book or two each day. Then she reads them once they pile up in a portion or area of her room. As an avid reader, she has no trouble finishing a book or two in less than three days. She juggles this pastime while conducting school and work. That is quite the dedication.

She also mentions how she allows the books to pile up everywhere, not only in her room. Some books are on the shelves in the living room, atop foot lockers and cabinets and some are even in the kitchen. Constant work and school, including errands, have taken their toll on her. But she mentions she still loves books and will find a way to read them all.

There is also another tale of a man from Minnesota who reads fantasy books and novels as a form of meditation. He mentions reading one or two brings him peace and tranquility. However, he includes additional activities than reading in the mix.

He jogs during the early morning hours and even indulges in relevant activities. Unlike the first example, the man does not have hundreds of books in his home.

What he does is read fantasy books and donate them to local thrift shops and libraries once he finishes.

Impact On Mental Health

Some people might think reading fantasy books is nothing but another pastime. There are even individuals who consider fantasy taboo or dangerous. This percentage of the population believes reading fantasy harms one’s mental health. They mention it is like taking drugs and other perilous paraphernalia.

However, that is not the case. Studies and documents show reading fantasy books, as well as other genres, benefits the mind. These types of stories help readers develop creativity and imagination.

Some studies also showcase how reading fiction and fantasy helps build and develop empathy and compassion among readers and audiences. But it is not only fiction and fantasy that help with such a development; and other genres can lend a hand as well.

That is why we encourage everyone reading this piece to take a fantasy book from a shelf and begin reading. Make sure what you get is yours. We don’t want you to get into legal trouble or something similar.


Can I Make A Fantasy Book?

Anyone can create such a product. But you need a lot of time and effort to do so. You must first have a solid story that can captivate your audience. However, it depends on each author. Some write for themselves. Other people write fantasy stories to let people enjoy them. You must answer this question first.

You have to think about the individuals or audience who will read your stories. It might be awkward to write a fantasy story including cute little mushroom warriors that are for children. Then you post the story for mature audiences only.

Making a fantasy story will also push your English and writing skills. Not because you have an editor means you leave all the punctuation and grammar issues to them. You have to be professional with your approach. It still needs to make sense and be readable.

You will also need a lot of money. Publishing such a book costs financial assets. You will also pay your editor for their services. Even if it is only online, you still have to pay for the charges.

Fantasy All The Way

No matter what happens, fantasy books and relevant media will be here to stay. People will still keep their books in their rooms and kitchens. Others will store theirs in mind while donating the physical copies so that someone else can enjoy them. Reading fantasy books will benefit your mental health. So why not take a book and start reading right now?


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