Monday, October 26, 2020


Audiovisual Technologies At Modern Museums

Multimedia technologies are increasingly penetrating not only into the business sphere, but also into the cultural space. Until recently, audiovisual technologies was used only at temporary exhibitions and in galleries, but today it is...

Da 5 Bloods generating Oscar Buzz

Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods is generating Oscar buzz across the board; from Best Actor to Best Supporting Actor and Best Picture, the film is ahead of the awards pack – at least, for...

The Museum at Bethel Woods – Experience The Historic Site

In the '60s in the U.S. held a huge number of rock festivals, competing with each other in scale and stars of the composition of the participants, but it was Woodstock that went down...

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a spy series

Arnold Schwarzenegger is making his debut in a television serial project. Skydance Television is launching a spy series. The outstanding actor will play the main role in it.The details of the plot are still...

Mirror ceilings turned a Chinese bookstore into fabulous labyrinths

Only one detail can fundamentally transform the interior, and Chinese architects know about it. "Zhongshuge" Bookstores were transformed by the mirror ceilings. Stairways and shelves are displayed in them, creating a feeling of another...

The best films about the mafia

Many talented directors in their films have addressed this topic and talked about the real and fictional representatives of the country's criminal clans. We invite you to recall some of the best films about...

Prince Harry first acted in a movie

British Prince Harry made his debut in documentary film - he starred in the Netflix movie "The Rising Phoenix". The film tells the story of the Paralympic Games, how they became the third-largest sporting...

More than Chandler: Looking Back on Matthew Perry’s Acting Career

It took a lot of effort for the sitcom's Friends stars to build a career outside of their characters. It is believed that Jennifer Aniston has achieved the greatest success among her former colleagues....

Movie genius: 10 unusual and bizarre facts about Alfred Hitchcock

August 13 marked the 119th anniversary of the birth of the genius of cinema Alfred Hitchcock - a director who not only had a huge influence on the development of cinema and the thriller...

10 neurotic facts about Woody Allen

Did you know that Woody Allen has used the same font for titles for over forty years in all of his films? And that's not the fun part! Since the movie Annie Hall, that...

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