How To Integrate Art Into Your Wedding


A wedding day is one of the most important days of our lives. It is often the day we dream of as children, hoping everything is perfect and the whole day goes off without a hitch.

In a way, a wedding can be very nerve-wracking. There is more pressure on that single day than any other day in your whole life. But there are plenty of ways to get it right, however, and trying to make it seamless does not mean you should be afraid to try something different.

Your wedding celebrations should be a representation of yourself and your partner. Your love and interests should be on full display, creating talking points for guests as they step into your world and relish in all the small, delicate details.

So what if your main passion is art? Well, there are many ways to incorporate art into your wedding invitations.

Wedding Invitations Can Immediately Set The Tone

Wedding invitations do not have to be a simple piece of nice paper with the details of the wedding. In fact, this is unimaginative, old-fashioned, and dare we say it, a little boring. Taking the time to come up with some interesting invitations which involve art can be a great way to set the tone and let your guests know what they can expect at the wedding.

You can do this by either painting something original, including an artistic collage of you and your partner, or even hiring an artist to draw something specifically for you.

Think About Opening A Wedding Registry

Your wedding might be small or big depending on your own preferences or your faith. For instance, a Jewish wedding is typically a major community event, with many people coming together to celebrate your love. This can be quite daunting, but after all of the effort you put into organising the day, you should allow yourself a little something in return.

For Jewish weddings, especially, the giving of gifts has been customary for hundreds of years. Many Jewish communities still honour this tradition, so opening a wedding registry for a large number of guests can be a great way to give yourself something back. Coming up with some gift ideas can be a great way to get something which honours faith and your passion for art. If your ideas are a little on the expensive side, then guests could always band together to get you something properly special.

Make Art The Scenery Of Your Wedding

If you want art to be a true presence at your wedding, then you can look into hiring a gallery space for the reception. This will allow art to take front and centre, as well as ensure that the scenery at your wedding is beautiful. If this is not possible, then look into creating your own studio space, filling it with photographs or art pieces which represent your and your partner’s love.

Small sculptures can also be a good way to integrate art subtly into your wedding plans. Unique décor pieces here and there can incorporate your passion in a small but effective way. They can also be a great backdrop for outdoor weddings or receptions, keeping art at the forefront of your guest’s attention as the beautiful events of the day unfold.


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