Oksana Domnitskaya-Brik. Craftsmanship. Inspiration. Implementation


Oksana Domnitskaya-Brik is a purposeful artist with a colorful imagination and a rich inner world. At the very first acquaintance with the works of the artist, one can feel the colossal energy potential and the originality of her personality.

Oksana was born and lives in Kiev, she has a pedagogical education and fifteen years of business experience in the beauty industry. She studied fine arts on her own. According to Oksana, all her work is the result of faith in love, miracles of boundless happiness and optimism. Doing what she loves, inspiration from interesting people and colorful places transforms her work into something extraordinary. A rich life experience, the transformation of lived states and personal experiences are embodied by images in paintings, color solutions and a variety of subject lines.

The artist’s paintings are catchy at first sight. Oksana develops the idea of ​​each work in the process of its creation, thus the plot is born in the creative flow and it is impossible to predict it. She prefers to leave works without titles in order to push people to their thoughts, their attitude. The artist leaves the audience with complete freedom of imagination, because for her the meaning of the work is revealed only after creation. Everyone can interpret what he saw in his own way, usually this happens in the context of events and situations in the life of the spectator. It happens that the found meaning can serve as a hint or solution for those who had the opportunity to get acquainted with the artwork or feel it.

Each artwork of Oksana Domnitskaya-Brik is unique and inimitable. This is a conversation with the subconscious. Transfer of feelings by color and form. The themes of sex, love and relationships are traced in the motives, one can feel the inspiration in which the author was at the time of the creation of the works. Oksana’s works are in private collections from people from different countries and continents. The artist sees in this the materialization of embodied personal energy, which is one of the ideas for her artworks spreading around the globe.

The plane of the paintings is organized by the independent combination of cubist form fragments, which smoothly turn into abstract patterns. A completely open and free composition discards stereotypes about paintings. The artist uses clean, bright, rich local colors, sharp corners and smooth lines.

Plastic and colorful elements do not seek to create any structure in the image and likeness of those that are found in life. All her works are illusory and paradoxical in their forms, visual deception all around, everything on the canvas resembles a flight of fantasy or a dream. In works, symbols are connected, and thought forms are transformed into a narrative. With acrylics on canvas, the artist masterfully combines abstract art, surrealism and cubism, which serves as a proof for the author’s style and skill of the master.

The paintings of Oksana Domnitskaya-Brik wonderfully take root in space. Being next to the works one can feel the presence and charisma of the author. The artist’s work is represented by the international gallery Promotion Gallery, you can also get acquainted with the artist’s works on her personal website https://www.brik-artist.com/.

By Mykola Zinchenko. Art Dealer


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