15 Things Every Beginner Artist Should Frequently Draw in a Sketchbook


Sketches are a subjective, creative medium that can be applied to almost any subject. Pen users, charcoal pros, and doodlers alike each have the opportunity to represent various parts of the world that they see fit. Artists are some awesome people. And by artists, we mean you!

Sure, maybe you just started on a journey towards mastering the art of sketching, but you’re still an artist nevertheless! There’s no set level of expertise that makes you a creative person, after all. Your art is just as valid as anyone else’s. However, creating art that measures up to your personal expectations is an entirely different ball of wax.

The key to getting better as a beginner sketch-artist is practice, practice, and more practice! That’s why drawing quick art in a sketchbook is a great way to boost your skills while still honing your edge. It’s a win-win!

Practicing frequent shapes, curves, lines, and styles is the only way to increase your understanding of art as a medium. The following 15 things should be frequently practiced in your artist sketchbook to increase your knowledge, understanding, and comfort levels with drawing.

Enhance Your Artistry Skills With These 15 Beginner Sketches!

The best part about learning art for the first time is that there’s no right or wrong way to polish your skills. You’re just learning, after all! The important thing is to focus on the techniques and methods that get you closer to your personal goals.

These 15 subjects are picture-perfect topics for budding creatives at any stage of their development.

1. Flowers

There are quite literally millions (yes, millions) of different kinds of flowers in the world. Who wouldn’t want to draw some of these beautiful gems of nature, especially when just starting out?

Given the nature of your flowery sketches, why not take a step further and use a sketchbook made of post consumer paper, to reduce the burden on mother earth.

2. Pets

Got a dog, cat, or bearded dragon you just love? Memorialize their faces forever by putting them in your artist sketchbook! Don’t be afraid to play around with the styling a little, especially if you are not quite as familiar with fast moving subjects!

3. Fruits

Whether they are sitting on a tree or in a bowl by the kitchen, fruits make eye-catching, geometric, and colorful additions to any sketchbook.

4. City Skylines

Mapping out the rise and fall of your city’s unique skyline can be a wonderful experience. For beginning artists, this task only takes a few lines and a little perspective. Don’t live near a city? Choose an interesting building in town that could be the subject of a great sketch.

5. Eyes

The fun thing about sketching eyes is that you can make them as vague or detailed as you want, all while learning basic shapes and symbols. It’s the perfect subject for a budding artist’s portfolio book!

6. Holiday Favorites

From Christmas to Halloween, draw out some of your favorite holiday symbols, items, and features.

7. Foods

Certain ingredients, meals, and even drinks make great subjects for drawing.

8. Movie Characters

Everybody has that one favorite movie character. Draw out some cool poses or facial expressions that embody who they are!

9. Bugs

Butterflies and ladybugs and grasshoppers, oh my! The bugs in your backyard can’t wait to be drawn.

10. Dinosaurs

Every child’s dream! Find a good source photo and get to work.

11. Hair

Drawing realistic hair takes great skill and patience. Try out different styles, textures, and colors to get acquainted with the structure of fine lines.

12. Birds

If you aren’t up for sketching the full animal, try drawing just feathers instead!

13. Mountain Vistas

Capture the majesty of ancient mountains with a simple sketch.

14. Lakes, Rivers, & Streams

Moving bodies of water make for beautiful art pieces!

15. Leaves

Pay special attention to the details around the veins, stems, and edges.

What If Your Sketchbook Art Isn’t Perfect?

This is a common problem for learning or beginning artists, especially with the inevitable rise of the internet. Art hosting sites, as well as forums for professional sketch artists, have the effect of making art beginners feel bad about their work.

While it is completely fine to feel inspired and awed by the work of other artists in your influence group, remember that your work is not defined by theirs. After all, you’re just learning the basics!

While sketching some of the beginner art pieces on this list, prepare yourself to learn effectively:

  • Give yourself a good block of time to work your magic — don’t rush things!
  • Don’t beat yourself up, especially if you feel you aren’t grasping the basics. Be proud of your artistic accomplishments!
  • Not feeling a certain piece? Try something new! No one is going to force you to work on a piece you don’t love.

Learning the basics of art can take significant time. Equip yourself to dream big and draw bigger with sketchbook beginner art that gets the ball rolling.

No matter what you’re feeling at this moment, you CAN do this.

Happy sketching!


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