Artists created a portrait of a doctor-hero from wood


Dr. Samuel Turner was awarded a wooden portrait as one of the heroes of the UK National Health Service. An unusual work in honor of the doctor was made by the Creative Center for Artists in Whitehills. A few months ago, the artist Tom Croft motivated them to capture the nurses and doctors who showed heroism during the coronavirus pandemic.

The artists’ wooden portrait was inspired by a photograph in which Turner showed his exhausted face after hours of work at the height of the pandemic. It took several thousand pieces of wood and 400 hours of work to create the picture. As a result, the wooden portrait is estimated at £15,000.

Turner works as a kidney transplant surgeon, but with the arrival of the pandemic in the UK, he helped set up a department in Bristol for those infected with the virus. The doctor was touched by the artists’ gift and announced that he did not consider himself a hero and just did his job.


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