Graffiti artist David Ruggeri


Graffiti artist David Ruggeri has been making waves with his colorful paintings. Pulling in inspiration from his predecessors, Ruggeri’s paintings are full of unique patterns, vibrant colors, and textures to create specific movements and draw the eyes of the viewer to different aspects of the canvas.

Each mix of colorful acrylic and spray paint strongly reflects its own message, but the message Ruggeri is most known for surrounds his ethos as a conservationist. His “Wildlife Series” are a collection of paintings that shed light on the many species of animals that are endangered or extinct due to overhunting, loss of habitat and other contributing factors that can easily be avoided. Through each visually explosive palette and textural brushwork, Ruggeri showcases the beauty of the animals while bringing attention to how humans have negatively impacted and threatened their existence. Other paintings, such as “Mixtape” or “School House Rock” transport viewers back to childhood and fond memories of a simpler time.

Currently, Ruggeri has his iconic “Mixtape” painting on display at the Angad Arts Hotel – the first hotel in the world where guests can book their accommodations not only by room type, but also by the emotion of color – through late October 2021.


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