The Art Of Desire: Is There A Connection Between Sex And Creativity?


It’s no secret that sex and art go hand in hand given just how much sexuality is present throughout a wide variety of artistic mediums. Think of how many songs there are about sex; how many erotic paintings there are of men and women in seductive positions; and how popular lit-erotica has been throughout history (the wild success of Fifty Shades of Grey stands testament to that fact). But did you know that artistic people are more likely to have more sexual partners than anyone else? Or that creativity could be the key to giving your libido a much needed boost? 

Creative people have more sex than others 

In a study published in The Proceeding of the Royal Society B, researchers interviewed 425 British men and women, some of whom were creatives and some of whom were normal members of the general public who didn’t possess any creative pursuits. What the study found was that the creative participants reported as having between four and ten sexual partners compared to the average of three for the non-creatives. The researchers even found that the number of sexual partners were higher based on the number of creative pursuits that the individual was involved with. 

So, why is that? For one thing, creative people tend to be more attractive to others. Let’s be honest, if you were given the option to go on a date with two men: one of which writes poetry and plays the guitar in a band and the other who’s only passion is to watch football, you are like going to want to date the artistic man. 

In addition to that, creative types tend to lead more bohemian lifestyles and are likely to find themselves in more social situations and be more likely to act on their sexual impulses than others. Thus, it could be argued that creative people only have more sexual partners because they tend to be presented with more opportunity. However, it could also be argued that it is because creatives tend to attract more sexual partners than those without any creative hobbies or interests. 

Does creativity boost your sex drive?

It could be argued that the reason why creative people tend to have a higher sex drive is because they regularly pursue activities that make them feel good. When you create art it comes with a sense of accomplishment that is often accompanied by a boost in self-esteem. Therefore, if you start painting, writing poetry, or creating music, there’s a good chance that you will begin to feel better about yourself, more confident, and subsequently feel the desire to have more sex. 

Of course, sex is the ultimate form of creativity. The act itself is designed to create life – but even if you aren’t yet ready for children, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative in the bedroom and find new and innovative ways to bring your partner pleasure. For example: if you’re feeling especially adventurous you can buy some vibrators in Australia and pretend they are a paintbrush and your partner’s body is the canvas; there’s no telling what beautiful art you can conjure up! 


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