The Inspirational Dream Pursuer Likun Jing: Hard Work Would Always Pay Back When Having the Right Focus

(Likun Jing)

Not only sophisticated in stage plays, but also a professional in features and short films. Likun Jing has finally become the actress that she has always wanted to be. Being an overseas dream chaser is hard. But again, she has impressed her audience with her well-trained acting skills in her latest short film Neckline. Consistency is the key to Jing’s success today.

Jing has realized acting is something that makes her happy since she’s a child. Raised by her parents that are always supportive and understandable, Jing chose to come to the United States to broaden her horizon and start a new chapter in her life. Having seen Jing’s passion for acting, her family decided to back her up in spite of everything.

“It was actually my uncle that helped me to make this decision,” Jing shared, “I was about to follow the regular routine when I said I wanted to study abroad such as studying law or medicine, which allows me to make a living on my own instead of something risky. But after I had a conversation with my uncle, I realized that I need to think about what I want to do and what makes me happy rather than what others think would be good for me.”

Jing’s hard work eventually pays back. She had this amazing opportunity to play a role in Neckline—a story about how different women are fighting a fight to hold their ground so they can live their lives how they want,which is a reflection of Jing herself in this overseas community.  As the name suggests, it refers to the necks of women that are exposed in the air, regarded as immoral and shameless in the film.

Jing’s character in Neckline is a professional model worker during the daytime turned dominatrix at night. But when she puts on her favorite makeup and outfit, she becomes more opinionated. This film discusses the limitation of the space society gives women and criticizes the traditional viewpoint of what women should and should not do. It has won several awards including the 2022 Best Short Film on Diversity International Cosmopolitan Film Award and 2022 Merit Liberation/Social Justice/Protest Best Short Competition Award.

(Neckline, Likun Jing on the left)

As a gifted child in acting, Jing never hides her talent away from people. From elementary to high school, she was responsible for the overall planning of all school galas, including on-stage performance such as hosting and acting as well as behind-the-scenes activities like rehearsals and proofreading scripts. Jing herself also took part in the school play Cinderella and presented it on TV, making the very first step into her acting career.

Jing understands how important it is to sharpen her acting skills before she goes commercial, which is something that a lot of people are in this industry for. However, Jing did not lose herself in the shadow of money and reputation. She sees her enthusiasm for acting itself and is always focusing on what she is looking to achieve professionally. For Jing, works always speak louder and better than fame.


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