Glimpsing Africa Anew in Its Art

Les Danseurs de la Compagnie, 2021 by Enfant Précoce

In this article, we offer you to discover artists located in Cameroon and enjoy an exclusive selection of artworks by the best contemporary Cameroonian artists.

Enfant Précoce

Enfant Précoce is a painter. He was born in Cameroon in 1989. Enfant Precoce tells us stories that affect each of us. In his paintings, the world takes the form of a myth brought to life by his characters, like ghosts captured in color and disproportion. In the works of this representative of Cameroonian art, there is something like a presence, a gesture. His paintings are outwardly spontaneous, but nevertheless subject to coercion.

Banc de tournesols, 2021by Enfant Précoce

Arnold Fokam

Arnold Fokam is a young representative of Cameroonian art. The artist was born in 1996 in Cameroon where he lives and works in the city of Douala.

This Cameroonian artist’s work revolves around water in relation to the body and opens up an interdisciplinary practice that explores painting, assembly, sound production as well as installation. After graduating from the Faculty of Plastic Arts and Art History at the Institute of Fine Arts of the University of Douala in Nkongsamba, the artist received training that led him to paint more on canvas before experimenting with other media later.

The work of this Cameroonian artist will have a spiritual, cultural and environmental dimension.

La licorne des mers et la tortue Luth, 2022by Arnold Fokam

Bright Toh

The Cameroonian artist Bright Toh holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering from the University of Buea. Despite his engineering background, Toh is a self-taught visual artist.

One of the brightest representatives of Cameroonian art, Bright Toh masterfully depicts the exquisite synergy that exists between the developing African man, the wilderness and their common environment, thanks to the possession of totems as a link with their ancestors. This is a key aspect of his personality and cultural heritage.

Serenity, 2022by Bright Toh

Barthélémy Toguo

Barthelemy Toguo is a Cameroonian artist who lives between Bandjoun, Paris and New York. Without artistic restrictions, the artist is engaged in painting, sculpture, as well as installations, videos and performances.

The work of this talented representative of Cameroonian art has a political dimension. He is interested in the flow of people as well as goods. A multicultural artist, his work is open to dialogue and altruism. He was appointed Knight of Arts and Letters by the French Republic.

Pump Up Mind, 2017by Barthélémy Toguo

Angu Walters

The studio of African artist Angu Walters is located in the city of Bamenda in northwestern Cameroon, which has been in the middle of a brutal civil war since 2017. There are few more remote places where the gifted Cameroonian artist who seeks to emerge from darkness encounters great obstacles.

The Couple II, 2016 by Angu Walters

Angu paints in different styles, most often abstract, figurative and surreal. In addition to paintings with musical themes, his work often focuses on family life and traditional African village life.


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