How to stand out from competitors in the age of social media


Nowadays, it is no longer enough for brands and companies to simply create original and structurally perfect content for their social channels, websites or online communication spaces. What really matters is to be able to stand out from the crowd, from the competitors, by taking advantage of unique features that are already part of the brand or by finding communication strategies that are so original that they will be able to stop the attention of anyone, even people who until that moment had shown no interest in that particular product or product category.

An online content, regardless of its nature or the virtual space in which it is posted, will fully achieve its goal when it is able to attract a generalized interest, no longer limited to only one or two well-defined targets, but extended to the entire network population in its entirety. These results can be achieved with particularly clever or ironic posts, published in the right place and at the right time, perhaps taking advantage of one of the trends of the moment or a current event that everyone is talking about.

If a brand profile were to find a witty and funny way to respond to the post published by another brand, even not necessarily from the same industry, the chances of this content going viral are very high indeed.

The best strategies

Other methods, other strategies, can also be used to stand out online. Instead of focusing on the power of online communication and viral content, brands could turn their gazes inward, digging deep into their essence to find any detail that could distinguish them from other competitors, and that could be used to set a more dynamic and lively tone to their online communication.

The trick, in these cases, is to identify the brand’s distinctive feature (a particular production method, a particular sensitivity to certain ethical issues or a very specific statement) and to creatively communicate it within the company’s virtual spaces, thus effectively expressing a key part of the brand essence.

Through even more complex, even deeper work, the brand might also decide to distinguish itself through the distinctive style, languages, and characteristics of its specific industry, clearly communicating to the public that the company is an integral part of a very specific niche. Brands related in some way to contemporary art, for example, should always use dreamy, magniloquent and sophisticated language, thus expressing all the sophistication of their belonging universe. The posts and content dedicated to a specific product or service offered by the brand, in this case, should also be made taking into account their sector of belonging, the expectations of a cultured and sophisticated audience, and should therefore convey those feelings of elegance and refinement that are characteristic of art.

A definite responsibility

The fields of design and architecture should also adapt to these stylistic principles, differentiating themselves from the mass precisely by the quality and sophistication of their content. Consultation of these pages, for clients and industry enthusiasts, will then become extremely pleasant, especially because it will be like immersing oneself in a stylistic and conceptual universe with its own, clearly recognizable characteristics, with well-known and shared values and reference points.

One of the purposes of online communication should be precisely to entertain the user, to involve him emotionally in an extraordinary and memorable experience that will leave indelible marks in his memory. It is no coincidence that among the most popular content posted on social media and web pages are precisely those capable of triggering an emotion, laughter, or otherwise an extremely intense feeling that never goes unnoticed.

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Knowing how to stand out nowadays means identifying one’s peculiarities and communicating them effectively to the world.


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