Real Housewives of Art Basel in Miami Beach: reality tv hits the art world


Bravo is set to launch new reality TV show called The Bachelor’s Apprentice: Artist Edition, where the winner gets to date a high-profile art dealer and get gallery representation.

‘I’m looking for the next hot artist—and love, of course,’ says the Blue Chip dealer who is set to star in the show.

The high-profile art dealer has been confirmed as the leading man for a special art mash-up of two of the most popular reality TV programmes: The Batchelor and The Apprentice.

In the new show, 12 young unknown artists will battle it out for the love of a high-profile art dealer, as well as a two-year contract with the blue chip gallery.

The identity of the dealer is being kept tightly under wraps by TV executives and will be revealed next month ahead of the programme’s first episode. However, the dealer spoke to The Art Newspaper on condition of anonymity. He says: “I’m looking forward to discovering the next hot thing, the next art star—and finding love, of course”.

The lucky winner will get to jet off with the bachelor to the world’s major art fairs—in cities such as London, Los Angeles and Basel—as well as joining the art dealer’s roster of high profile artists.

“In my opinion, being an artist is more than just a career choice, it’s a true calling, a way of life. So I can offer both love and a career boost with my galleries on three continents,” says the veteran dealer.

Insiders at Bravo have also exclusively told The Art Newspaper they are working on further art-themed reality TV shows. “The art world is hot hot hot right now, it has glamour and it has passion,” says an insider. The other shows that are in the works include: Real Housewives of Art Basel in Miami Beach, Below Deck: Collector’s Yacht Special and I’m An Curator… Get Me Away from the Needy Artists.


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