Gabriel Moreno’s detailed graphic drawings are a bounty of feminine beauty and sensuality. He combines pencil, ink, marker, paint, and digital manipulation to create punchy designs filled with striking color and strong line work.

From Moreno’s website: “His works are usually comprised of flowing and precise fine black lines, over which he deploys shocks of color accenting clothing, faces, or environments. He uses dramatic gradients of colors and multiple layers that emerge from the images and involvement of the figures.”tumblr_oexw7hvwei1ruxlw5o1_1280The Madrid-based artist is best known for his work in advertising. His illustrations have been featured in various magazines and news publications. In 2013, he was selected in “100 Illustrators” by Taschen as one of their hundred most influential illustrators in the world of advertising in the past decade. tumblr_ofjxcqpepf1ruxlw5o1_1280 tumblr_oezlw2jrvi1ruxlw5o1_1280 tumblr_oerso5bvgh1ruxlw5o1_1280tumblr_oeod64btqx1ruxlw5o1_1280tumblr_oej9mzdqfl1ruxlw5o1_1280tumblr_oeiuglyvho1ruxlw5o1_1280