20 Exemplification Essay Topics


An exemplification essay is easier than someone may think about it. The primary feature of this writing is that the author needs to support the central idea with several examples. Starting with a topic generalization in the introduction, the author moves to the body paragraphs, providing measures to support the main thesis and providing a logical conclusion in the final section.

Organize examples supporting your main idea, creating a logical sequence as one example covers one presented point. Avoid using only general information and add relevant details. It won’t be interesting for readers as they won’t have the full context.

Working on an exemplification essay is easier when you’ve chosen a topic. However, the topic choice is non-less complicated part than writing. The topic should be actual, engaging, and wide, so you can provide enough examples to build a proper argumentation. Those who don’t have experience in writing such assignments may have trouble, so we would like to help them by revealing 20 exemplification essay topics.

Tolerance – The Most Controversial Topic in Today’s Society

People spend years discussing the problem of tolerance in society. Due to different views, individuals have different opinions. Someone says that we should not be tolerant of those who disrespect us. Others say that people have to remain patient and avoid confrontations no matter what. You already have a couple of theses to add to your writing. Search for the proper arguments, and there will be no need to ask someone else to write my essay for me.

Self-Education Is Challenging and Complicated

Once people decide to learn something themselves, they should expect it will be more complicated than if they had a tutor or a mentor. Searching information, filtering it, learning definitions and other facts, and setting the priorities for every lesson. Self-education is far from easy, and you may show this in writing.

What Is the Meaning of Life?

We often hear this question, but no one can properly answer it. So you can do it in your essay, explaining how much people can do during their life, exploring, learning, and discovering something new—no need to stick to the limits. Do what you like the most.

The Effectiveness of Gun Control

School shootings are not allowed, and the best way to keep teachers and students safe is to control all weapons that civilian people own. Analyze recent cases of shootings in the USA and explain why gun control is effective.

Learning Foreign Languages Today Is Essential

Understanding foreign people allows you to talk about everyday issues and go further and open new opportunities for yourself. You can find a job and build a successful career, and it’s only a part of what can be achieved with language knowledge. Explain this in your essay, using examples to support an opinion.

Choosing Simple Ideas for Exemplification Essays

Such topics may not be great for a term paper, but if you want to test your skills, choose one of such topics.

  • Why is the lion the king of the jungle?
  • Will a pet change my life?
  • Books help people stimulate their imagination
  • What positive changes does the Internet bring?
  • Is sport important for our health?
  • Why is it essential to prevent global warming?

Some topics don’t require research, as you can use arguments based on personal experience. However, if you want to present something unusual to readers, it’s time to bring down some non-standard exemplification essay topics.

  • Do people need to work hard to achieve success?
  • What moral values are the most valuable, and why?
  • Everyone should protect nature
  • How has modern fashion changed? What are the newest trends?
  • People self-improve after making mistakes. Is that true?
  • Can a person be happy without friendship? Why and why not?
  • Why don’t people need to dwell on the past?
  • Why was the Soviet Union’s fall inevitable?
  • Does vape cause the same damage as cigarettes?
  • Failures make people stronger. Why?

Such topics require proper research to find solid arguments to support your opinion. However, the number is not the only thing needed. You also need to understand how they correlate with each other. Keeping the logical sequence will make it easier for readers to understand your point of view.

Final Thoughts

Struggling about choosing a topic for your exemplification essay could be resolved once you write about something you’re passionate about—no need to follow the trends or try to satisfy someone. Instead, work with something you like, and focus on the task until it’s finished.


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