Actor and internet ‘daddy’ Pedro Pascal visits UK fan exhibition in Margate


He may be the star of blockbuster space show the Mandalorian, but the actor Pedro Pascal revealed how down to earth he really is when he appeared at a fan’s exhibition themed around him in Margate, UK, over the weekend.

The show, titled ADHD Hyper Fixation and held at Rhodes Contemporary Art Gallery, is the work of artist Heidi Gentle Burrell. It builds upon Burrell’s interest in the actor as a muse. She told the Independent newspaper that while she is not an “obsessed fan” she is particularly drawn to the “two little bald patches in his beard and creases in his eyebrows and bridge of his nose.”

In what could have been a sad end to the tale, Pascal arrived with his friends Russell Tovey and Robert Diament—hosts of the Talk Art podcast—only to find the gallery was shut. They seemed to make the most of it anyway, though, judging from a post on Talk Art’s Instagram page.

The visit only adds to Pascal’s reputation as a pop culture icon with Tovey leaving a comment on the Instagram post saying “Daddy is a State of Mind”, a reference to Pascal’s self-declared and Internet-approved role as a smouldering older figure for the masses. We’re on board.


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