All You Should Know About Art Paris

Fabrice Gibert, Installation view of Galerie Lelong’s booth at Art Paris, 2021 © Galerie Lelong

Let’s discover Paris international art fair.

After a successful 2021 event with almost 73,000 visitors, Art Paris returned in April 2022. This year, Paris international art fair featured a strong international lineup of 130 contemporary galleries from around the world.

This year’s distinguished list of galleries reflected the growing presence of the art fair and its impact on the art market. For the second consecutive year, the Paris art fair was held at the Grand Palais Éphémère, in the heart of the Champ de Mars in Paris.

This central location also contributed to the fair’s vocation to make contemporary art accessible to the general public. All mediums could be found at Paris international art fair:

  • Painting;
  •  Sculpture;
  •  Photography;
  •  Drawings;
  •  Engravings;
  •  videos ;
  • design objects.

As usual, the fair also supported the emergence of new galleries. The included galleries offer a fresh, forward-thinking look at the contemporary art landscape. In this subsection, galleries were allowed to submit no more than three artists, and nearly half of their entry fee was covered by the fair itself.

Paris international art fair also promotes a number of solo exhibitions within the “Solo Show”, a sub-sector of the fair. These exhibitions provided the public with an excellent, comprehensive opportunity to discover the work of contemporary or emerging artists. The Individual Show section was an important aspect of the fair’s exciting range.

Art Paris has placed the environment and natural history at the center of its programs, themes that resonate with current events and challenge many artists. Paris international art fair is aware of the detrimental crisis that is impacting the entire planet: climate change.

Because of this, the organizers of Paris international art fair  brought the topic to the very center of their program. To stay true to the theme, the fair has selected artists and galleries that deal with environmental issues such as massive biodiversity loss and the ongoing climate crisis. Apart from this, the fair is a regional fair that promotes proximity, location and ease in terms of transport and visitor circulation.

For the organizers of Paris international art fair, at the forefront is the importance of accessibility to make contemporary art accessible to all.

Various features that allowed viewers to visit the fair online were available to the public, such as virtual tours and other important information about galleries, artists, and works of art.


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