KAWS creates a new Companion and launches it into space

KAWS and AllRightsReserved. KAWS:HOLIDAY SPACE 2020

The release of a new model of a well-known series is timed to the 20th anniversary of the artist’s creation of the first Companion.

The new model of the famous series of Companion figures is another joint project of KAWS and AllRightsReserved. This time, one of the world’s most famous creators of contemporary art in the format of collectibles turned for inspiration to the figurine of the companion astronaut. He created it in 2013 in the image and likeness of the famous Man on the Moon – MTV Music Video Awards.

The release of the companion model called KAWS: HOLIDAY SPACE, is timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the series, and in honor of this anniversary, the new companion look was premiered not only in Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan but also in space. In the literal sense of the word. With the help of a balloon-shaped probe KAWS: HOLIDAY SPACE was sent to an altitude of 41.5 km into the stratosphere, where he made a two-hour walk in zero gravity and then returned to Earth.

KAWS said that so many projects had been canceled this year, and he wanted to create one that was safe to meet from home. This year marks 20 years since KAWS created a Companion. He tried to do something special in today’s constraints. For the past few months, he has been feeling locked up and working on this project has given him a sense of freedom.

The edition of the Companion KAWS: HOLIDAY SPACE was released in three colors – in gold, silver, and black. The height of each figure is 29.2 cm. The sale of the Space Companion began last Monday, August 17, in the official online store AllRightsReserved, and by August 19, the entire edition was sold out. This means that new Companions of KAWS will soon appear in the secondary market.

The reasons why you need to know about KAWS

KAWS creates a new Companion and launches it into space
Brian Donnelly, KAWS

KAWS is one of the most famous and in-demand artists of today, whose legacy is difficult to fit into one particular genre – along with Shepard Fairey (Obey) and Ron English. In addition, the artist has a distinctive style that cannot be confused with any other. He exhibits in the world’s best galleries, makes illustrations that adorn the clothing and footwear of international brands, and produces collaborations that reach unimaginable prices on the secondary market.

KAWS creates a new Companion and launches it into space
KAWS Where The End Starts Exhibition in Shanghai

In addition, KAWS holds solo exhibitions at such iconic locations as the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, High Museum of Art, Modern Art Museum, Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Galerie Perrotin, and Honor Fraser Gallery, as well as other private galleries in Paris, London, Tokyo, and Berlin. His sculptures are sold not only through online auctions (the price reaches $ 15,000 per copy) but also at auctions specializing in contemporary art.



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