Spotlight: 33 Lebanese Artists Showcase the Dazzling Breadth of the Country’s Contemporary Art Scene in a London Pop-Up Show


What You Need to Know: In collaboration with Janet Rady Fine Art, Beirut-based gallery Artscoops is presenting “Lebanon | Untitled,” an exhibition of more than 50 artworks by 33 different Lebanese artists at London’s Cromwell Place. On view June 7–11, 2023, the show will feature a range of mediums, from painting and sculpture to experimental mixed-media pieces, highlighting the rich and diverse work of 20th and 21st century Lebanese artists. Artscoops has positioned itself as a leader in art from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and the forthcoming show is part of Cromwell Place’s June “Middle East” curated moments programming. “Lebanon | Untitled” is also significant as it is the first exhibition mounted by Artscoops outside of Lebanon.

Why We Like It: Artscoops “Lebanon | Untitled” exhibition presents a significant opportunity for viewers to experience a breadth of contemporary Lebanese art outside of Lebanon. Significant artists ranging from Zena Assi to Nadia Saikali will be on view, as well as emerging art makers. The exploration of influential developments and movements in painting can be traced through the show. For example, the 1967 painting by Samia Osseiran Junblatt shows a unique synthesis of color field painting and lyrical abstraction. Elsewhere, Lana Khayat’s (2022) shows a continued commitment by the present generation of artists engaging with and advancing the tradition of abstract painting. Including works of sculpture, such as Alfred Basbous’s (2004), which melds the clean lines of modernism but with a decidedly contemporary figurative element, the show on the whole is a testament to both the history and trajectory of Lebanese art.

According to the Gallery: “We knew it was essential to let the art speak for itself rather than risk setting a pre-determined narrative with audiences,” explained Artscoops cofounder Raya Mamarbachi, Knowing that we’re being joined for this exciting next step on our journey in the UK by Janet Rady, who has supported Artscoops since our launch in 2015, makes this show extra special.”

Meanwhile, Artscoops cofounder May Mamarbachi said she was thrilled that Lebanese artists were being given an opportunity to showcase their talent on a major platform and strengthen their reach in the U.K., which is home to a sizeable Lebanese diaspora and a significant number of international collectors. “Lebanon has a thriving contemporary art scene, built on a rich artistic heritage, which deserves the level of international recognition that our exhibition will offer,” Raya agreed. “I’m incredibly proud of this exciting group of Lebanese artists and, at the same time, ecstatic to be bringing a welcome ‘good news’ story from Lebanon to the U.K.”

See featured works below.

Juliana Seraphim, (1994). Courtesy of Artscoops, Beirut.

Alfred Basbous, Monumental (2004). Courtesy of Artscoops.

Alfred Basbous, (2004). Courtesy of Artscoops, Beirut.

Samia Osseiran Junblatt, (1967). Courtesy of Artscoops, Beirut.

Hanibal Srouji, (1992). Courtesy of Artscoops, Beirut.

Lana Khayat, Wilderness (2022). Courtesy of Artscoops, Beirut.

Lana Khayat, (2022). Courtesy of Artscoops, Beirut.


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