The Art Angle Round Up: The British Museum’s Theft Crisis, A.I. on Trial, and Dealer Beef in Montauk


Welcome to the Art Angle, a podcast from Artnet News that delves into the places where the art world meets the real world, bringing each week’s biggest story down to earth. Join us every week for an in-depth look at what matters most in museums, the art market, and much more, with input from our own writers and editors, as well as artists, curators, and other top experts in the field.

We’re back this week with The Roundup, where we dissect some of the biggest headlines that have been causing a stir over the last weeks in the art world and beyond. This week, Europe editor Kate Brown is joined by International art critic Ben Davis and Wet Paint gossip columnist Annie Armstrong to discuss three headline-making stories.

At the top of the list is the very dramatic goings on at the British Museum in London, where a curator is under investigation for stealing what might be somewhere around 2,000 objects from the collection and the ripple effect its had on the international art community stretching from China to Africa, and ultimately resulted in the stunning resignation of director Hartwig Fischer.

Next up is a conversation about an intriguing development in the United States court system, where a computer scientist made a bid to secure a copyright registration for an artwork that was made by A.I. that has been summarily been shot down. Finally, on a lighter note, the trio heads over to the tony enclave of the Hamptons to Montauk, a typically quiet town that’s in the midst of an art world dust up. A turf war involving Andy Warhol’s former estate and a physical altercation between two art dealers, Max Levai and Adam Lindemann, that has proved to be one of the juiciest stories of the season.



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