The world tour of an impressive private watch collection

From left to right: 1. Chronograph. 1948. Pink gold, pink dial. 2. Pocket watch "World time". Circa 1948. Rose gold, cloisonné enamel showing a map of North America. Photo: Patek Philippe

One of the largest private watch collections, including the most valuable collection of Patek Philippe, first appeared before the public at the Design Museum in London. This is an event of deafening loudness because watch collectors prefer secrecy and silence.

The Oak Collection exhibition is a fundamentally new format in the exhibition business. For the first time, a large private collection with watches in perfect condition, curated by the watchmaking elite, was offered to the audience.

The exhibition is divided into 11 chapters, most of which are devoted to Patek Philippe watches, grouped by topic: the Calatrava and Nautilus collections, chronographs, perpetual calendars, world time, rare crafts, exhibits from the iconic collection of Henry Graves the Younger. After the show in London, the exhibition will travel on the route Bahrain-China-USA.

Collector Patrick Getreide

The owner of these treasures, Patrick Getreide, is one of the top five watch collectors in the world. Getreide has been given the rare, if not unprecedented honor of having a rare 1940s-1950s watch in yellow and rose gold reproduced for him.

The owner wears all his watches and sincerely treats them as living beings, which often discourages and touches industry professionals. Getreide bought watches from a young age, from the first big money – winning at the races.

The current estimated value of the collection is fabulous and, as the proud collector admits, it would be unbearable for him today, with all his considerable capabilities.


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