New work from Lisa Ericson  continues the Portland-based artist’s hyperrealistic compositions of animals. Set on deep black backgrounds, her paintings showcase unusual combinations of peacefully co-existing fauna. Pelicans support rabbits, snakes, and ocelots, while tree frogs and songbirds find homes on the shells of turtles.

Artist Lisa Ericson is known for her hybrid animal paintings, and her newest series of work continues this trend by depicting colorful fish merging into the coral that surrounds them. Fanning out from their delicate tails, the vibrant coral reminds us of the symbiotic relationship these two animals share. Painted with hyperrealistic detail, Ericson’s delicate touch brings her subjects to life.

Each hybrid is painted against a black background, allowing the colorful creatures to pop from the panels. Explosive oranges, deep reds, and shocking greens explore the wide range of hues in the marine world. Adding a whimsical touch of meta surrealism, the artist even paints small fish inhabiting these coral tails, creating a circular chain of life.

Ericson studied painting at Yale prior to embarking on a career in illustration and graphic design. Her bold, graphic color selection, matched with her technical abilities show how she was clearly able to marry her degree with her passion. Her work was recently on display in a duo show at Antler Gallery in Portland, OR, and she’ll be holding another two-person exhibition at the gallery in July 2017.

Her most recent paintings are on view through May 25 at Antler Gallery in Portland, in a show titled Invisible Promise, alongside work from Scottish artist Lindsey Carr. You can see more from Ericson on Instagram.


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