In contemporary art, you can meet a lot of creative people who chose to use collage techniques for self-expression. Artists working in different directions, collect on canvases compositions from newspaper clippings, other people’s pictures, photographs and things. But what if one of them adds collages from human bodies? And his name is Angelo Musco.

This artist was born in Italy, but currently, lives and works in New York. Perhaps, this is the only creative person in the world who creates collages from a huge number of photos of naked human bodies. So, for example, for the picture Tehom, the author needed 200 thousand frames. The artist has 5 different series of images that differ in color. The works of Angelo Musco raise such curious topics as birth, maturation, copulation, and death. His paintings resemble underwater photographs of huge schools of fish, forming intricate patterns. It is noteworthy that at the heart of Musco’s work lies a deeply personal childhood trauma. It was she who for many years forced Angelo to observe her inner world, to analyze the psychology of human consciousness and life in general.