10 Street Artists You Should Know

Above (Tavar Zawacki)

With unpredictable weather conditions and impromptu workspaces, doing street art is not easy. In fact, it is extremely difficult, that is why these street artists deserve such respect.

They have different styles and approaches, but they all have one thing in common – their urban art has left a lasting impression.


The first one we want to talk about is the French street artist Christian Gemi, known as C215. He travels the world decorating the streets. He usually paints local faces because, he says, the faces reflect the identity of the city. Another constant theme of his urban art is the portraits of his daughter Nina, who, as we have seen, has changed from a little girl to a young woman.

He exhibits his notable works extensively in France and abroad, and portrays local heroes in support of social initiatives.


The street artist Roa is on top of his game from our point of view. His artistic style sets him apart from the rest in the way he adds different layers to a piece, giving his viewers multiple perspectives on the biology behind his animals. It’s almost like our x-ray vision.

Above (Tavar Zawacki)

Originally from the United States, Above is now based in Berlin where he continues to create innovative urban art.

Describing one of his piece of street art he said:

“When I was in Lisbon, Portugal three months ago, I would walk by this homeless lady who was begging for money everyday. I found it sadly ironic that just six feet away there was an ATM machine where people were literally lining up to withdraw money. With an obvious visual clash of ‘Rich’ and ‘Poor’ being in such a close proximity evoked me to make this stencil, Stealing from the Rich, and Giving to the Poor.”


Born in Portugal, Alexandre Farto, also known as Vhils, is an amazing, super-talented representative of urban art. For his masterpieces, og uses tools such as an electric drill, a chisel, and various types of paints. Vhils’ artistic style is distinguished by the fact that he literally scratches the surface of buildings, creating his masterpieces.

His explosive viral video, in which a small explosive starts a chain reaction by carving an image on a wall, helped him achieve international success.


Banksy is no doubt the gold standard when it comes to urban street art. About 10 years ago, the mysterious British street artist took the city by storm with his unexpected Better In Than Out project. Installations sprang up all over Manhattan, taking the world by surprise and causing a frenzy. Then the world waited to see which part would come next.

One can say that his work has global impact as Bansky has focused his work around world crisis. From his colorful work in a refugee camp in Calais, France to his #WithSyria campaign, the iconic street artist has no intention of slowing down.


To see this piece of urban art  by Mentalgassi you have to stand at the perfect angle. Pieces of his work seen in Berlin are sometimes wheat pasted in places you’ll probably never look at, such as the side bars of metal fences.


Hyuro is an Argentine-born street artist who currently lives in Valencia, Spain. Her artistic style is characterized by the fact that her work is full of movement, like animations unfolding right on the wall. The bright presentative of urban art often touches on themes of motherhood, and her work from a female perspective freshens up a male-dominated scene.

Titi Freak

Hamilton Yokota, aka Titi Freak, is a São Paulo native with Japanese ancestry. His urban art combines his cultural backgrounds. After moving to Japan, he painted the streets of Osaka for three whole months. Seamlessly in line with Japanese culture and landscape, his colorful koi fish really set the bar for other street artists.


SpY is a famous urban artist that uses many different mediums. His artistic style is playful appropriation of urban elements, which he copies or transforms and then sets up on the streets. The purpose of his work is to shake the balance of the city dweller. His work is full of irony and a positive sense of humor, aiming to evoke a smile and thought.


This work by Laguna is one of the most incredible works to be seen anywhere. Completed in Almagro, Spain, a pair of men riding a giant fish is reminiscent of an epic tale. To enjoy this piece of urban art, viewers must stand in an ideal position. So you can see how all the individual parts are connected.


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