3 ways to reproduce famous paintings


Having works of art in your home, without necessarily spending a fortune, is now possible. There are different activities that allow you to reproduce famous, both old and modern, works of art. With materials and a lot of imagination, you can hang a Monet, a Van Gogh, or a Picasso reproduction on your walls. Discover 3 ways to reproduce famous works of art.

Reproducing a work of art: is it legal? Which art lover has never dreamed of having one or more masterpieces in their home? To get one, you generally have to pay a lot. This type of purchase is therefore reserved for a certain category of art lovers. To circumvent this financial obstacle, some buyers turn to reproductions.

If the reproduction of a painting is legal, it is regulated. First, you must check whether the author has authorized or prohibited the reproduction of his work. In the first case, he may or may not ask for copyright. In the second case, it is simply impossible to use the work. To freely dispose of a work, you can also check whether its author is alive or deceased. If he is alive, you will have to ask him for permission to reproduce. If he is deceased, you will have to get the agreement of his heirs or rights holders. Finally, there is a rule that if the author has died for more than 70 years, the work is free of rights. The exploitation rights have indeed expired. To avoid any disputes with the authors or their legatees, take the time to inform yourself. This step is even more important when it comes to contemporary work.

Paint by number to reproduce art paintings

Are you passionate about art paintings? How about reproducing a famous painting by yourself? Today there are techniques that allow you to create known works at home. Among them, paint by numbers. This creative hobby is an excellent way to get started in art, and also to reproduce famous paintings. If you want to start and if you are looking for a paint by number, go to an e-commerce site that offers this painting technique.

Online or in physical stores, you will find a wide selection of paint-by-number kits for adults. You can choose a theme (animals, landscape, portrait …) or a particular artist. Most of the time, sellers offer painting-by-number kits that allow you to start right away. The principle of a painting by number is simple. It consists of painting a picture divided into several numbers. Each number is assigned a color. All you have to do is paint according to the numbers indicated on the canvas. As the numbers are painted, the picture takes shape before your eyes. Whether you have an artist’s soul or not, you can easily reproduce a work of art.

This will be an opportunity to learn new techniques and improve your knowledge. Painting by number is accessible to both children and adults. The advantage of this method is that you do not have to worry about reproduction rights. If the kits are for sale, it is because they have already obtained the necessary permissions for their sale.

Diamond painting for reproducing a relief artwork

To reproduce famous works of art, there are no shortage of creative leisure activities. In addition to paint by number, many methods are available for this type of exercise. There is, for example, diamond painting or diamond art. This is a way to give another dimension to art paintings. This practice allows you to create shiny paintings using small rhinestones. You will end up with a sparkling and original work of art.

The principle is the same as that of paint by number. You just have to stick diamonds, of different colors, on a canvas that is already painted. On creative leisure e-commerce sites, you will find a lot of diamond paintings. They include a canvas with the image of your choice, packets of rhinestones, a clamp, a stylus and glue. You can also buy your own materials and create a work according to your desires. The canvas is divided into several small numbered squares. You have to stick the diamonds corresponding to the numbers indicated on the canvas and that’s it. You get a shiny art painting.

Depending on your skill and concentration, you can create a painting in a few hours. The result is impressive as you reproduce a work of art, but you also add some sparkle. You can proudly hang your work in your living room or give it to your loved ones.

Photography for a modern reproduction of famous works of art

Reproducing a work of art does not necessarily mean copying it as it is. Today, it is possible to reproduce a work of art in a more modern and playful way. The idea is to recreate the scenes of art paintings and photograph them afterwards. The masterpiece comes to life in a way. All elements of daily life are used, as well as the imagination. The approach is somewhat unusual, but the result is breathtaking.

While some reproduce paintings in detail, others choose to adapt them. You can then end up with totally realistic photographs or more quirky ones. With different cameras and retouching tools, it is possible to recreate 2.0 art paintings. A way to reinterpret the great painters, with a touch of modernity and sometimes a hint of humor. Before you start you can also check some photography tips online so you can maximize the result.


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