5 New Female Contemporary Artists to Know


To celebrate the wide range of art by contemporary female artists, we invite you to get to know these 5 emerging talents.


Anna Ehrenstein, “Pvssy Divx”, 2020. Mixed media installation. Installation view at KOW, 2020. Photo by Ladislav Zajac. Courtesy the artist and KOW Berlin

This Albanian-German artist constantly pushes the boundaries in her work. Whether she tackles the themes of pseudo-luxury and gender representation (Tales of Lipstick and Virtue, 2013-2018) or post-colonial politics (Home is where the hate is, 2021), this emerging talent has a talent for creating dramatic work, that challenge the viewer’s perception.

This artful fusion of high and low culture, through print, video, sculpture, installations and other media, has attracted art lovers from Germany and around the world.


Zohar Fraiman. “Prime Time”, 2020. Oil on canvas. 130 x 110 cm. Courtesy of PRISKA PASQUER

This artist was born in Jerusalem. For her, motifs from art history, Jewish legends, Disneyland, and the “perfect world” aesthetic of the 1950s provide a solid foundation for her work. This can be seen especially in her portrayal of women. Using casual but ludicrous stylization, she questions the unrealistic expectations that society places on female characters. The emerging talent leaves some level of interpretation up to the viewer, nevertheless holding the mirror in front of her.


Katarina Janeckova Walshe. “Ocotillo lovers”, 2022. Acrylic on canvas. 52 x 42 cm (framed). Courtesy of DITTRICH & SCHLECHTRIEM.

The artist was born in Slovakia and currently lives between Corpus Christi, Texas and New York. The emerging talent became known for her funny and socially critical work. The artist uses traditional “feminine” spaces such as kitchens and bedrooms as a backdrop. Her work infuses fantasy with harsh critiques of sexuality, identity, and history.

Nude women perform tasks, bears replace men, and phallic cacti appear on her canvases as guests.


Lea von Wintzingerode. “just bc I’m not tattooed / sub-culturally lonely”, 2021. Oil on canvas. 42 x 40 cm. Courtesy of Jacky Strenz.

For this Berlin-based female contemporary artist, the subjects in her paintings seem almost alive—as if they were frozen in response to the gaze of the viewer. Using a special painting process, the artist applies a thin layer of oil paint, which allows the color to dissolve into the canvas and blend into other surfaces. In addition, her work touches on both music and performance, which sometimes includes piano pieces composed and played by the artist for use in exhibitions.


Joëlle Dubois. “The Expectant Mother”, 2022. Acrylic on wood. 100 cm x 80 cm. Courtesy of Thomas Rehbein Galerie.

The male gaze has no place in the works of this Belgian artist. After a childhood spent among women dissatisfied with their bodies due to societal pressures, Dubois has worked to fight for body positivity through enchanting artwork that shows the human form in all shapes and sizes. Since her debut in the art world at several exhibitions in 2015, she has become known for her funny and playful paintings – creating scenes that showcase the strange beauty of bodies.


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