A Star Classical Musician With a 286-Year-Old Violin Needed Museum-Grade Transport. A Luxury Luggage Company Came to the Rescue


The French violinist Renaud Capuçon regularly pours his soul into his 286-year-old instrument. It’s one of only about 250 Guarneri violins that still exist. For his January Carnegie Hall debut, the Paris-based classical musician road-tested the new Rimowa luxury violin case.

It’s hard for Capuçon to quantify how precious his cargo is to him. “It’s a mix of caring for a tiny, two-week-old baby and carrying around a priceless painting,” he said. “It’s a piece of art, and a piece of humanity. It’s from 1737—it’s older than America.”

The case to make you stand out among the string section. Courtesy of Rimowa.

So, how does he rate the case? “I love it!“ Capuçon said. “In the niche of violinists, we all have and use the same cases. This is the first time we finally have a really sexy and fashionable one!” He added, “Also, it’s a very nice way to spread classical music and make us trendy.”

Beginning March 23, a very limited quantity of the gleaming case will be sold at Rimowa stores and online, retailing around $3,090. The juxtaposition of this sleek artifact housed within such quintessentially modern casing is alluring.

But there is much more to this tote than timeless aesthetics. For the project, Rimowa teamed up with Gewa, an esteemed German musical instrument brand founded in 1925. Both heritage companies emphasize pinnacle craftsmanship.

The state-of-the-art Rimowa x Gewa violin case is limited edition. Courtesy of Rimowa.

The state-of-the-art Rimowa x Gewa violin case is limited edition. Courtesy of Rimowa.

The hand-finished microfiber interior adjusts to any violin’s length. The case also boasts a functional hygrometer and humidifier, as well as an interior storage compartment, detachable strap, and two TSA-approved locks.

Capuçon is particularly geeked on the case’s humidifier, but admittedly, his favorite quality is that it looks so cool. You just can’t go wrong pairing sleek, silver polycarbonate with centuries-old wood.

“It looks so great!” he said. “I’ve had Rimowa suitcases for 30 years, since I was a student in Berlin. It will go great with them.”

Renaud Capuçon in New York. Courtesy of Rimowa.

Renaud Capuçon in New York. Courtesy of Rimowa.


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