An outdoor exhibition of monumental sculptures and the UK debut in the parkland of a Derbyshire estate

Wings of Glory by Adrian Landon. © Adrian Landon.

It has been announced that the huge sculptures from Burning Man, stored in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA, will make their UK debut this spring at Chatsworth in an ambitious and free exhibition of monumental sculptures in the parkland of the Derbyshire estate.

Radical Horizons: The Art of Burning Man at Chatsworth is a large-scale exhibition in a 1,000-acre public park surrounding the house. It will feature 12 monumental sculptures from Burning Man, exhibited for the first time in the UK from 9 April to 1 October.

The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire said the sculptures in the park continue the estate’s great tradition as a backdrop for contemporary work. They also added that they really hope that visitors will find inspiration here in this special place.

C2 The Flybrary by Christina Sporrong and Murder Inc by Charles Gadeken. © Christina Sporrong and Charles Gadeken © Photography by Tex Allen.

The ambitious exhibition of monumental sculptures aims to celebrate a shared culture of creativity and collaboration. The Art of Burning Man is a unique event that usually takes place annually in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA. Chatsworth worked with the Burning Man team and artists to bring his own distinct culture of opportunity and creativity to the Derbyshire landscape.

Chatsworth and The Art of Burning Man were featured by Sotheby’s, which saw synergy between the two organizations in their commitment to creativity and community.

The exhibition of monumental sculptures features eight existing sculptures and four works built on site, including three new collaborative sculptures to be created in the parkland with the help of visitors and local community groups throughout the year, reflecting the building process at Burning Man as seen by teams of volunteers gather in the desert to create new works of art.

Le Attrata by Margaret Long and Orion. © Margaret Long and Orion Fredericks © Photography by LadyBee 2016.

The accessible exhibition of monumental sculptures  also benefits from a dedicated engagement program that works with communities of people who would normally find Chatsworth difficult to reach, offering activities designed to leave a legacy of creativity and new connections with people.

Kim Cook, director of creative initiatives at Burning Man, said they came to understand Chatsworth as a place to nurture innovation, creativity, thoughtfulness and thinkers from the start, which is also central to our work and spirit at The Art of Burning Man. He also expressed his hope that art in the landscape will evoke joy, new ways of viewing and an invitation to come up with your own story of meaning as you explore the beautiful expanses of Chatsworth.


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