Art Fairs and Festivals


The world’s top contemporary art fairs offer an immersive experience of the various works of art on display, the inspiring creators, and the impact the art has had on the cities it hosts. Our favorite art fairs span the world from Manhattan to Marrakesh and offer a comprehensive insight into different movements, mediums, and styles.

Our collection of six best contemporary art fairs focuses on different art forms and interests for every type of enthusiast.


The European Fine Arts Foundation (TEFAF) is visited annually by art and design lovers as the fair showcases the best in fine art, antiques, and design. For those who want to enjoy the experience of living in the USA, TEFAF comes to New York every May with a focus on contemporary art. Every June, Maastricht in the Netherlands also hosts a fair covering 7,000 years of art history.

Art Basel

Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel takes place annually in four locations:

  • Basel, Switzerland;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Paris;
  • Miami Beach.

The Miami Beach Show is one of our favorite contemporary art fairs. The event is dedicated to highlighting the contemporary work of both leading and emerging artists represented by respected galleries on five continents. Here, visitors can experience a variety of artistic mediums, from painting and sculpture to digital art and cinema. Among the art fair exclusives, there is also a Conversations program featuring heart-to-heart conversations between prominent figures in the art world that take place over the weekend.


ARCOmadrid 20223

ARCOmadrid has become one of the preeminent contemporary art fairs in Europe since its first launch in 1982 and now takes place every winter. Visitors to ARCOmadrid will be able to experience the work of artists living in Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Frieze Art Fair

Frieze Art Fair

The Frieze Art Fair takes place across four locations annually:

  • London;
  •  Los Angeles;
  •  New York City;
  •  Seoul.

The brand was launched in 1991. Among the art fair exclusives are Frieze Magazine, Frieze Masters Magazine, and Frieze Week, as well as The Frieze program focuses on contemporary art, while the Frieze Masters, which coincides with the London Fair, ranges from ancient to contemporary pieces. The event in London is our top choice for the most educational experience.

The Armory Show

The Armory Show 2020

One of New York’s most famous contemporary art fairs, The Armory Show has an important history for art lovers. It was named after a modern art exhibition held in 1913 and was the first of its kind in the States. Popular European artists attended.

81 years later, The Armory Show was launched in honor of this legendary exhibition. Among the art fair highlights are the best artists in New York. It offers year-round programming outside of its annual fall fair to put the city’s top talent on the global stage.

SCOPE Art Show

SCOPE Art Show Miami

SCOPE holds three international contemporary art shows annually. They are:

  • in Miami Beach, Florida;
  •  New York;
  •  Basel, Switzerland.

Over the 20 years of its existence, the art show has evolved into more innovative and technological programs. The great thing about SCOPE events is that the New York show coincides with Armory Week, which is an unforgettable weekend for art lovers in Manhattan, while the Miami and Basel events take place at the same time as their respective Art Basel fairs.


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