Artist Claims To Be Owed $8,000 After Staging Anna Delvey’s Exhibition

Russian swindler Anna Delvey found a way to deceive the beau monde of New York for $ 200 thousand

Artist and writer Julia Morrison revealed that she invested $8,000 to help host the Free Anna group show last March. And she still hasn’t returned the money, according to a report. Earlier this year, Morrison teamed up with Alfredo Martinez to host the group show Free Anna.

Morrison and Martinez both received a 25% share of the profits generated from the only work Anna Delvey contributed to the show, which was listed for $10,000. The remaining 50% was to go to Anna Delvey herself. Although Morrison said in an interview that she received her cut, she was not given back her initial investment of $8,000. Martinez said the project is still in the spending phase and that Morrison will eventually get his money.

Morrison first gained media attention when she posted screenshots of an email she had with actor Armie Hammer describing his sexual fantasies. Morrison later made NFTs of these screenshots. Morrison also claims she was suspended from Anna Delvey’s solo show, which she expected to co-curate and profit from.

According to sources, neither Morrison, Martinez, nor Delvey`s spokesman Chris Martin responded to requests for comment.

Who is Anna Delvey (Sorokina) and why she ended up in prison


Anna Sorokina, under the fictitious surname Delvi, pretended to be the heiress of a German millionaire. She managed to do this for several years, simultaneously deceiving casual acquaintances, banks and hotels.

Incredibly, she received loans that she was not going to repay, lived in luxury rooms for virtually nothing, and organized parties with local influencers at someone else’s expense.

In May 2019, Anna was sentenced to prison for a term of 4 to 12 years, and she was ordered to pay her debts – $ 199 thousand – and a fine of $ 24 thousand. In October 2020, it became known that Anna received the right to leave prison ahead of schedule. She was released in February 2021.


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