Buying art online – Expert tips


With the advent of new communication technologies, purchasing art online is becoming more common. Sixty-three percent of art collectors and investors have already purchased paintings online.

 We want to provide important tips on buying art online so that you can be confident in your investment. As this is a new and more convenient way to buy art.

Tips on how to buy art online without making any mistakes

  • Criteria for selecting the right piece

You don’t have to be an expert to start buying art online. Our advice is to take your time and browse several specialized sites. It`s a good idea to ask professionals for information. You definitely should familiarize yourself with the market, identify trends, and, most importantly, develop a clear picture of your own personal taste.

  • Focus on emerging artists

A good way of buying art online at an affordable price is to choose a work by a novice artist. The probability that the work will gain value as the artist’s career progresses is very high.

  • Define your budget

Do this at the very beginning of the art search and stick to it. Be sure you will always be able to find exceptional pieces, whether they are worth 100 or 10,000 euros. As for the price set by the artist or the online store, you should do a little detective work to find out about the artist. Try to find out how famous they are in the art world, or see if they have the potential to become famous.

  • Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions established by the seller

Remember, they must be clearly explained: guarantees, secure payments, possible additional costs (transport costs, customs duties, etc.), returns. While purchasing art online you should read each seller’s information carefully.

The main advantage of buying art online is that you can browse at your leisure, comparing and reconsidering the pieces that caught your eye first. Making your own list of favorite works is very pleasant and brings great personal satisfaction. The most important thing is that you should purchase the product because you like it. The potential value of the product should be of secondary importance. Your taste and sense of aesthetics should be your top priority.


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