Following the tendency of rethinking the classical stories: what does Guillermo del Toro offer?


Being one of those artistic people always means having another view on things that most people consider usual. It is the case of Guillermo del Toro and his creation named Pinocchio. An old-as-gold story we are so familiar with, but now it’s not a simple tale for kids… Learn more about how the phenomenal artist transformed a classical story to deliver the message so topical in the modern context in this Guillermo del Toro Pinocchio review.

Pinocchio: what a movie!… or cartoon?

A piece we’re talking about is technically a cartoon, but we consider it much more than a story for kids. It is characteristic of many modern cartoons: the format is more for children, but the content is for all ages. That’s what makes it a full-fledged movie for the general audience. It took the team almost a hundred days to finish this monumental work, and below you’ll see just the main facts about why it deserves all the awards given.

The setting

The action takes place in a fantasy world with creatures referring to commonly known myths or other works of del Toro (if not by their function, then by appearance). But even though some characters definitely do not belong to the real world, the historical period of the piece’s timeline refers to the real war – World War I. One of the main characters (the father Geppetto) suffers from the tragedy common in any war. He’s lost his son during one of the bomb attacks and has fallen in despair. As he tried to suppress his feelings with the alcohol, it led him to the pine growing near his son’s grave, and that’s where the story begins. 

The main line

Pinocchio appears just like it happened in the original story, and his features are mostly the same. In this story, he is a curious, often naive little boy who sincerely desires to become “real”. And the situation makes him face circumstances so real for every viewer – pain, non-acceptance, feeling like a burden, hypocrisy, and manipulation from people with malicious or self-serving intentions. And as Pinocchio encounters and deals with all the pitfalls of human attitude, he learns to be real not by the body but by his mind. And this is the baseline point guiding the piece: as you listen to your heart and stay sincere, it is exactly what makes you a real Personality. 

Other curiosities to look for

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