How To Write A Movie Review: Guide For College Students


Writing a film review is an excellent combo of work and fun together. It is very unlike your regular research paper or other college assignments, which are better to delegate to professional essay writers from the write my essay by EssayService platform. You get to spend a fun time watching motion pictures with some rules to follow. Remember, you have to extract a review out of it.

Writing a Review

We are wondering how to watch a motion picture purposefully? How to maintain notes while watching? How to analyze it? Give this piece a read. Many students thank us daily for our guide for college students. Follow these simple tips for guaranteed high grades.

Watch the entire film

Watch it with open arms. Accept it as a laboratory experiment. Watch the entire film with concentration and keenness. Stay alert all the time. Don’t try to fast forward if your din sits dull or think you have grabbed the central idea. Instead, take notes or mark recording time to review later. Students also pause and play to get a better understanding of the story. Some watch twice to understand the plot and storyline better. It is advised to watch it more than one time. You have to grasp as much as you can from the characters, execution, and other movie details. Note down all the necessary information required to explain the idea behind the movie, its essential turns, twists, etc. Also, jot down events, patterns, and judge on different standard meters.  That’s all you need to keep in mind before you start watching. You may also look for movie review examples available online to grab a better understanding of how to write it before you start.

Research the background

Assessing the extracted notes and data gathered during the watching session is an uphill task. Put all the information on the desk. Sort out for relevant details and leave the rest. By now, you have all the information which you observed on the screen. It’s also time to research behind-the-camera data, where the movie was shot, locations, budgets, cast, etc. These are all the insights about the movie and its settings. Research about the director, producer, or any other important aspect relevant to your film analysis. You should be fully loaded with all authentic information to write a good movie review.

Start with a hook

Make sure you include a powerful hook in the introduction. Doing so retains your reader’s attention and keeps them engaged. This hook may be a fact or insight about any actor in the film or the film itself. It can also be a controversial opinion or anything that would want the reader to read further.

Give well-established opinion

By now, you have evaluated the movie from different perspectives. You are now in an excellent position to give your established opinion. Make up your mind with a critical opinion about the movie. Brainstorm the main thesis idea of your film analysis. For example, its impact on the audience, its idea, or the product features. Read critical opinions already available on that particular motion picture. Read the feedback of professional critics to learn how to execute your movie analysis assignment.

Moreover, remember that biases are not allowed. Let the reader decide the fate. Just mention the facts. Please give your opinion backed with evidence from the movie itself. Lousy acting, holes in the plot, or poor locations all supported with facts are acceptable. The reader should not feel the critic is over exaggerating the facts. Could you keep it simple?

Write a rough draft

Writing a film review involves a prescribed structure. Create an outline for it. A good review will include an introduction, body (story, plot, set design, character, the film genre, etc.). Structure your review as to how the professional film critics do. Search on the net how to write a movie review and get movie review examples for assistance. It is all about getting the best structure. Also, your good grades are dependent on the outline of your analysis. Once you are done with the outline, make sure it has the following details:

  • An eye-catching title with a powerful introduction.
  • A concise yet specific idea of the movie right at the beginning.
  • An overview of the plot and storyline.
  • Analysis of the key features of the movie.
  • A brief section for powerful scenes.
  • A Dialogue or monologue.
  • The central idea or the message of the movie.
  • Good or bad acting.
  • A Recommendation to some particular audience.

Consider your audience

Fanclub, boy-fans, and girl-fans audiences are different from the severe filmgoers. Structure your review depending upon your audience. Maintain the quality and decorum of the review standards. Read and research acclaimed film critics and analyze their work. Learn how to write for the reader and audience.

Evaluate the film

It is a critical analysis of the movie. You have to do a lot of analysis work. The evaluation process involves different approaches. Figure out what exactly you think about the picture. Analysis of its extraordinary music, the deep melodrama, action sequences, etc. Your analysis may also be on how the protagonist acted or the question the film’s message raised. Films are also critically acclaimed or bashed on their narratives, political or cultural influences, and historical impacts. Reviews are not happy or sad like films. They have to be balanced and highly backed with evidence. You are not here to praise or bash movies. A film review is a recommendation to the audience whether to waste time and money on watching it or not. However, make sure you avoid the spoilers. You will be telling the plot but not the whole story, please. Don’t let the excitement down. Reviews are to give them a basic understanding of not spoiling their movie fun. Avoid giving out spoilers. Keep all the exciting secrets intact, honestly. Make the reader decide on your call in a way that builds up their hunger to watch it as soon as possible.

Rigorous final touching

The completion step in writing movie reviews is its rigorous edit and rewrite. Thorough refining of the paragraphs and ideas at the end is needed. Check out the flow and structure of the paper. Skim through the examples quoted and the dialogue mentioned. Names and spellings of the characters and the real actors, and other crew information. Make sure you have divided the review into the prescribed professional parts. Also, recheck the film’s message, your opinion, and, importantly, what type of audience you would recommend it to. Recheck if any accurate figures like box office collection or the budget details need correction.

Lastly, watch it like a professional film critic. Read these tips all over again and play the film you have shortlisted or assigned. Now you are well aware of the dos and don’ts for writing a film review. Best of luck with your task.

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