Margate gallery PR post catches Tracey Emin’s eye


Turner Contemporary in Margate recently posted a job advertisement which caught the attention of the Kent seaside town’s most famous artist resident. We are referring to Tracey Emin (of course) who cheekily asked on Instagram if she could apply for the post of Marketing and Communications chief, a weighty occupation that involves “overseeing PR, marketing, social media and digital communications” at the popular gallery. Emin asks on the gallery Insta post: “Can I do it” (the deadline is 12 June by the way). The artist opened TKE studios earlier this year in the town, comprising an art school, exhibition space and studio complex which currently accommodates ten resident artists including Ghazaleh Avarzamani of Tehran and Jon Key of Alabama.

Earlier this year, Emin told The Guardian: “It’s a beautiful way to live and I want to have a beautiful life. And this is so lovely: come here, talk to artists, look at art. Go home, see my cats, paint my pictures. Go to the sea, go for a swim in the ice cold water, come back, dry myself, walk here, look at somebody’s pictures, talk to them about what they’re doing.” The next iteration of the Tracey Emin Artist Residency (TEAR) will be announced in 2024.


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