Marina Abramovic to take over London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall this autumn


London will receive a triple helping of the performance artist Marina Abramovic this autumn. Her twice-delayed exhibition at the Royal Academy will finally open on 23 September (until 1 January 2024). Meawhile, the English National Opera will host the UK premiere of her opera project, 7 Deaths of Maria Callas. And across the river, the artist’s institute will take over large parts of the Southbank Centre from 4 to 8 October.

Artists curated by the Marina Abramovic Institute will present long-form performances across the site, including for the first time the dressing rooms, green rooms, technical spaces and the foyers, as well the main auditoria of the Queen Elizabeth Hall and Purcell Room.

Performers will include Collective Absentia, Carla Adra, Paula Garcia, Carlos Martiel, Yiannis Pappas, Paul Setúbal, Despina Zacharopoulou. Abramovic herself will participate on 4 and 8 October, and be present at other times.

“The public will be invited not just to be an observer, but also to actively participate,” says Marina Abramovic in a statement. “Long durational performances are one of the most ephemeral, unique, difficult, demanding and transformative works of art today. My institute, Marina Abramović Institute, will present very different views of this medium. I am passionate about expanding beyond my own practice by supporting other performance artists through this project.”

Abramovic will also mark the publication of her new book Marina Abramovic: A Visual Biography in an event at Southbank on 1 October, which includes new interviews and never before seen images from her personal archives.

The takeover was announced today as part of the Southbank Centre’s autumn/winter schedule, which also includes dance performances from (LA)HORDE and Brazilian artists Alice Ripoll and Cia Suave.


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