Painting Techniques of 5 Famous Artists


Art mixes and unites people’s emotions and thoughts. Landscape, a caricature, or just a line made by a stroke of the brush – anything could be art. If you have a keen interest in painting and have found yourself looking at different artists, you might wish to know about the details and techniques used by those.

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Painting Techniques Used by 5 Famous Artists

1. Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh is a self-taught artist who is famous for his art style called “Impasto”. Impasto is an Italian word for “paste”, and is used to describe the painting technique where paint is so thickly applied that the brush stroke textures are visible. You definitely know about his famous painting “The Starry Night” (1889). It is an oil painting on canvas, and it mainly depicts a night that is filled with stars, and the moon brightly shines.

2. Johannes Vermeer

Vermeer was intrigued by the portrayal of light, like other artists of the Dutch Golden era. His works are defined with adept brush marks, and alternative use of warm and cool tones. Vermeer used high-cost pigments as is seen in, “Girl with a pearl earring”, the blue turban is made from using expensive ultramarine blue that is obtained from a stone.

3. Paul Cézanne

A modern artist who’s the predecessor of Cubism and Fauvism. He used dark tones in his paintings. Cézanne used thick brush strokes and heavy layers of paint on the canvas.

4. Leonardo Da Vinci

Vinci was successful in bringing to perfection the painting technique known as “Sfumato” which means “vanished”. The way he blended colors and his transitions between light and shadow made the composition appear as smoke.

5. Diego Vélazquez

Vélazquez mastered the use of Chiaroscuro or the way light and shadow are treated on a canvas to form a contrast. The artist interpreted the baroque style by using light to emphasize certain points of the composition. One of the unique characteristics of this artist is to use the technique of “Alla prima” which means at the first attempt.

Standing on the Shoulders of Titans

You must have understood by now that the above-mentioned artists are famous for their compositions, and their artistic style is underlined by the technique that they used. So, If you are interested in paintings, you might find these techniques useful and actually try to understand their arts by these techniques from now on.


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