Picks: The Laundromat Project’s Ayesha Williams Shares Her Favorite Artworks from UNTITLED, ART Miami Beach

Ayesha Williams is the deputy director of The Laundromat Project, a New York-based organization dedicated to making sustained investments in growing a community of multiracial, multigenerational, and multidisciplinary artists and neighbors committed to societal change by supporting their artmaking, community building, and leadership development. (To read more about the project, read our interview with Laundromat Project’s executive director Kemi Ilesanmi’s here!)
Here, Williams shares her favorite works from Artspace’s preview for the upcoming art fair UNTITLED, ART Miami Beach. Check out Williams’ picks, and if you’ll be in Miami from December 4 – 8, be sure to stop by Artspace’s booth at the fair to say hello!


Signalling XVII, 2019

Fridman Gallery
Booth A19

I am most attracted to the delicacy of the pose against the solid deep black background contrasted with the vibrant, dynamic patterns that color the subject’s body. It is both stimulating and complex, while also inviting vulnerability and quietness. The subtle hints of body parts untouched––a hand, a foot, a breast––reveal the humanness, present underneath all of this tension and complexity. 


topografía lyr(ic)a, 2019
Booth A33


I could spend hours analyzing each background layer. To understand the redactions and attempt to envision the image when it was whole and complete. The formal structure that it once represented. But I am immediately drawn to and subdued by the simple foreground markings that dominant the picture. And I am soothed by the practical and utilitarian nature of the materials––thread and muslin.


Temporal Traveler, 2019

Steve Turner
Booth C11

David Shrobe is a visual storyteller. I wonder what journey each element of this collage has taken to land connected within this single portrait. Who was the figure before? How will the figure be transformed? And what new story will now be told? 


Us In The Desert, 2019

50 Golborne
Booth C2 

I love how the grandness of these women rival the vastness and grandness of the desert. They embody strength and are woven into the land. Their beauty accentuated with the glimmer of simple yet striking iridescent rings and bracelets.


Afro Blue (Erykah Badu), 2019
Addis Fine Art
Booth A29

I am fascinated by the poetic layering of this piece. The deep blue background and iridescent brown strips become this particular lyric manifest: “shades of delight cocoa hue. Rich as the night afro blue.” – Erykah Badu



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