Pioneering Digital Artist Sarah Meyohas Gets Gallery Representation


Sarah Meyohas, an artist whose crypto-related work is considered the forerunner of the current wave of NFTs, was presented at a New York gallery with Marianne Boschi. The dealer said in a statement that Sarah Meyohas is a fearless female voice who is at the forefront of discussion in a technology space that is often dominated by men.

The artist brilliantly captures the complex beauty of technology and the vast possibilities it opens up for the art world. At the age of 31, Sarah Meyohas seamlessly combines her dynamic skill as a fine artist with her sophisticated and innovative work at Web3.

Sarah Meyohas first began incorporating blockchain technology into her artistic practice in 2015. Then she debuted with a project called BitchCoin. The cryptocurrency was a concept project based on the idea of investing directly in artists rather than specific works of art.

The token is now considered a proto-NFT. It has taken on new relevance in 2021 with the start of the NFT boom. The Marianne Boschi Gallery, which also represents artists such as Sanford Biggers, Gina Beavers and John Waters, will dedicate its Art Basel booth to Sarah Meyohas.

When viewed in person, the parts appear to be three-dimensional. While Sarah Meyohashas a long history of creating digital work, much of her practice is based on material, IRL processes such as those seen in the Interference series.


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