Price Check! Here’s What Sold—and For How Much—at the Inaugural Edition of Art Basel’s Paris+ Fair


The dust has settled after the debut edition of Art Basel’s Paris+ fair and, by most accounts, it was successful. Early fears about collectors and galleries potentially skipping one of the month’s events, either Frieze London (which wrapped up two weeks ago) or Paris+, were seemingly unfounded, as the turnout at both fairs, and the star-studded events that surrounded them, were very well-attended.

According to the fair, Paris+ welcomed 40,000 visitors over the course of both restricted-access VIP and public days, including French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte. Galleries were effusive in their praise for the event, including David Zwirner, who reported sales of more than $11 million on the first day, “certainly numbers that we weren’t able to achieve here in Paris in the past,” as he told Artnet News.

The blue-chip dealer is probably referring to the lackluster sales he bemoaned after the last edition of FIAC, which came just before Art Basel announced its coup to take over as reigning fair of the capital, and in FIAC’s old digs no less.

All in all, the numbers are impressive, if not quite mind-boggling, which tracks with the current economic climate.

Below, as always, is our roundup of reported sales at the fair, converted to USD for ease of reading. Bear in mind that only galleries who choose to share figures are included in this list, so it’s disproportionately skewed toward those who, well, sold the most stuff.




Joan Mitchell, Border (1989). Courtesy of David Zwirner.

$6.5 million:  Robert Motherwell, Je t’aime No II (1955) at Pace

$4.5 million: Joan Mitchell,  (1989) at David Zwirner

$3 million, Robert Ryman,  (1963) at David Zwirner

$2.7 million: George Condo, (2022) at Hauser & Wirth

$1.6 million: Adrian Ghenie, (2022) at Galeria Plan B

$1.4 million: Luc Tuymans, (2007) at David Zwirner

$1.5 million: Sean Scully, North Eagle (1983-84) at Acquavella Galleries

$1.2 million to $1.5 million: Scott Kahn,  (2022) at Almine Rech

$1 million to $1.5 million: Ed Clark,  (1966) at Hauser & Wirth

$1 million: Rashid Johnson, (2022) at Hauser & Wirth

$1 million: Josef Albers, Study to Homage to the Square: Aurora (1957) at David Zwirner

$986,685 to $1.2 million each: Three large paintings by Peter Stämpfli (1970) at Galerie Georges-Hilippe & Nathalie Vallois

$900,000: Robert Ryman, (1970) at Pace

$850,000: Günther Uecker, Shield (2022) at LGDR

$844,582: Tracey Emin, (2022) at White Cube

$800,000: Avery Singer,  (2022) at Hauser & Wirth

$732,000: Tracey Emin,  (2022)

$493,000 to $641,00: Hans Hartung,  (1973) at Perrotin

$450,000: Theaster Gates,  (2022) at White Cube

$400,000: Oscar Murillo,  (2020-21) at David Zwirner

$400,000: Amy Sillman,  at Gladstone Gallery

$384,871: Georges Mathieu,  (1962) at Applicat-Prazan

$350,000 to $400,000: Ha Chong-Hyuan  (2019) at Kukje Gallery

$350,000: Lisa Yuskavage,  (2022) at David Zwirner

$320,000: Victor Man, (2017-18) at Gladstone Gallery

$300,000: Henry Taylor,  (2020) at Hauser & Wirth

$250,000: Michaël Borremans, 2017 at Zeno X Gallery

$225,000 to $250,00: Ha Chong-Hyun,  (2022) at Kukje Gallery

$220,000 each: Josh Smith, (2022) and  (2022) at David Zwirner

$175,000: Matthew Day Jackson,  (2022) at Pace

$175,000: Tu Hongtao,  (2020-22) at LGDR

$160,000: Park Seo-Bo,  (2022) at White Cube

$150,000 each: Multiple paintings by Anicka Yi at Gladstone Gallery

$148,000 to $197,000: Fiona Rae,  (1996) at Galerie Nathalie Obadia

$145,000 to $170,000: Wook-kyung Choi,  (1974) at Kukje Gallery

$135,000 each: Two paintings by Sayre Gomez at François Ghebaly

$130,000: Kaari Upson,  (2020) at Sprueth Magers

$130,000: Lina Iris Vikto,  (2022) at LGDR

$125,000: Takesada Matsutani,  (2022) at Hauser & Wirth

$118,422: Latifa Echakhch,  (2022) at Dvir Gallery

$110,000: A large-scale painting by Hermann Nitsch at Pace

$110,000: A work by Omar Ba at Templon

$100,000: Jenna Gribbon,  (2022) at LGDR

$98,685: Paul Thek, (1987) at Mai 36 Galerie

$98,685 to $170,000: Wang Keping,  (2018) at Galerie Nathalie Obadia

$90,000 to $100,000: Kibong Rhee, 2017 at Kukje Gallery

$88,816: Jacqueline de Jong,  (1977) at Galerie Allen

$80,000 to $90,000: Korakrit Arunanondchai, , 2022 at Kukje Gallery

$78,948: Laurent Grasso,  at Perrotin

$70,000: Mika Tajima, (2022) at Pace

$60,000: Maysha Mohamedi,  (2022) at Pace

$59,211: Simon Fujiwara, (2022) at Dvir Gallery

$55,000: Lenz Geerk,  (2022) at Massimo De Carlo

$50,000: Minoru Nomata,  (2015) at White Cube

$50,000: Ilana Savdie,  (2022) at Pace

$49,342 each: Simon Fujiwara, and both 2022, at Dvir Gallery

$45,000 each: Jessica Rankin, (2022) and (2022) at White Cube

$44,408: Achraf Touloub,  (2022) at Galeria Plan B

$34,439 each: Multiple paintings by Philippe Parreno at Gladstone Gallery

$28,000 each: Two works by Hyal Pozanti at Jessica Silverman Gallery

$27,631 to $29,605: Nathanaëlle Herbelin, (2022) at Galerie Jousse Enterprise

$25,000: A painting by Ivy Haldeman at François Ghebaly

$12,829 to $17,763 each: Four paintings by Nathanaëlle Herbelin at Galerie Jousse Entreprise

$12,000 each: Two paintings by Cindy Ji Hye Kim at François Ghebaly

$5,000 each: Two paintings on copper by Willa Wasserman at François Ghebaly

$4,144 each: Five works by Anne-Charlotte Finel at Galerie Jousse Enterprise



Arthur Jafa,<i> Untitled (New White Flag)</i>, (2022). Courtesy of the artist and Gladstone Gallery.

Arthur Jafa, Untitled (New White Flag), (2022). Courtesy of the artist and Gladstone Gallery.

$2.5 million to $3 million: Gimhongsok,  (2022) at Kukje Gallery

$1.3 million: A cast glass sculpture by Roni Horn at Thaddaeus Ropac

$575,000: Paul McCarthy,  at Hauser & Wirth

$165,000: Kiki Kogelnik,  (1974) at Pace

$120,000: Roberto Cuoghi,  (2018) at Hauser & Wirth

$107,000: Tracey Emin,  (2016) at White Cube

$90,000: Arthur Jafa,  (2022) at Gladstone Gallery

$88,000 to $98,685: Elmgreen & Dragset,  (2022) at Perrotin

$55,000: A sculptural relief by Neïl Beloufa at François Ghebaly

$35,000: A glass and bronze sculpture by Kelly Akashi at François Ghebaly

$7,894 to $24,671 each: Ceramics by Elsa Sahal, (2021-2022) at Galerie Papillon



Galerie Papillon. Courtesy of Paris+ par Art Basel.

$475,000: Adam Pendleton, (2022) at Pace

$450,000: Anni Albers, Study for DO II, (1973) at David Zwirner

$300,000: Felix Gonzalez-Torres,  (1992) at David Zwirner

$250,000: Alice Neel,  (1927) at David Zwirner

$195,000: Gilbert & George,  (1980) at White Cube

$115,000: Luchita Hurtado,  (ca. 1970s) at Hauser & Wirth

$73,400 each: Two untitled works on paper by Georg Baselitz at White Cube

$70,000: A work on paper by Huma Bhabha at David Zwirner

$50,000: Ilana Savdie,  (2022) at White Cube

$21,000: Peter Hujar, (1979) at Mai 36 Galerie

$20,000: A drawing by Christine Sun Kim at François Ghebaly

$19,737: Cécile B. Evans, T, 2022 at Emanuel Layr

$12,000 each: A series of watercolors by Ludovic Nkoth at François Ghebaly

$10,000 each: Five photographs by Farah Al Qasimi at François Ghebaly


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