Secrets of Promotion : 3 Ways to Make Your Art Blog Popular on Tumblr


What can we say about Tumblr? Today we know that this platform is popular, has a large audience (about 300 million people per month) and many different multimedia formats. Recently, Tumblr has literally become synonymous with art. Many artists are concentrated here: musicians, writers, sculptors and actors. All of them share their achievements, show the best works and find a new loyal audience. But not everyone knows that here you can earn extra money, gain support and even create a personal brand.

In fact, there are a lot of opportunities on the site and beyond for growth and creating a strong blog that can become famous in a matter of days. But keep in mind that the right investment in an account is as important as anything else. In this article, we’ll talk about the 3 most reliable ways to make your profile better, including the opportunity to buy Tumblr likes for faster promotion in the online community. Together, all those methods will bring you an excellent result and contribute to the growth of authority in the creative field.

Pick a theme for your page

Here we won’t talk about how your blog should look and how important it is to have a memorable name – you, as an artist, probably know this yourself. However, you may not be aware of the importance of choosing a relevant topic for your page. Take this seriously: your task is to choose only one topic and match it. By the way, you can personalize this and make the theme unique, but then you’ve to know exactly how to write html. As for the standard themes, there are quite a lot of them on the site: food, animals, lifestyle, paintings, music,etc. But premium themes are also available and can fully describe your blog.

Among other things, we also recommend choosing a rather catchy and comprehensive theme. Think about how you can describe your blog in one word and install such a theme. You can do this in your account settings, you’ll immediately see the “edit theme” button. This is a fairly easy step on the path to success, but it means a lot more than it might seem at first glance.

Invest in your account wisely

The online market of PR services is thriving, and this is not for nothing. Boosters that contribute to the growth of popularity on the site are becoming more in demand. Today, everyone wants to achieve their online goals as quickly and efficiently as possible, this is absolutely normal. The competition in social networks is quite high, and this platform is no exception. Now to achieve significant results, you can spend a lot of time and effort on free tools, or simplify your promotion by spending a few dollars on useful services. 

So, to create a more successful look for your posts and the page as a whole, it is enough to buy real Tumblr likes. This purchase won’t hit your wallet, but you’ll see an increased interest of the target audience in your creativity and content. This is exactly what any author needs to create a thriving and popular blog. 

Post regularly

Last but not least, upload content consistently. Try to publish new publications every day, as a novice blogger, this will help you expand your fanbase and strengthen your position in the creative community. Good luck!


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