Seoul Mediacity biennial to open section early to coincide with Frieze and Kiaf


Founded in 2000 by the city’s local government as a part of the Millennium Project and hosted by the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA), the Seoul Mediacity Biennale, focusing on media art, is now one of South Korea’s major art biennials, alongside those of Gwangju and Busan.

This year, the biennial inaugurated an open call for an artistic director, ultimately selecting US-based curator Rachael Rakes. She has chosen to forgo the usual format of artists representing different nations. Instead, she has sought to bring together artists whose works convey a transnational attitude and cultural hybridity. These qualities, according to Rakes, reflect ongoing changes in contemporary society.

Taking place from 21 September to 19 November, the biennial will feature more than 70 works—a significant increase from the previous edition. Titled This Too, Is a Map, the event will feature 65 participants including artists, writers, researchers, musicians and choreographers, and will open to the public at Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) and a number of other venues across the city, including Seoul Museum of History, SeMA Bunker, Space mm, Sogong Space and Seoullo Media Canvas.

Prior to the opening of Frieze Seoul and KIAF Seoul, the Biennale hosted a preview, featuring a range of works, performances and artist talks. The works included in the preview continue to be on view at SeMA during September.


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