Spotlight: Step Inside the Mesmerizing Virtual Landscapes of Argentinian Artist Ezequiel Pini, Whose Work Is Heading to Auction at Sotheby’s This Spring


About the Artist: The artist behind Six N. Five studio, Ezequiel Pini (b. 1985), is reaping recognition for his pioneering digital art and use of 3D to create pristine and ethereal worlds in his work. Originally hailing from Argentina and currently based in Barcelona, Pini’s interest in computer science and new technologies began in childhood, honing his interest and skills with programming in high school. Pini went on to study graphic design—a subject that allowed him to pursue computer science from a creative angle—at the University of Buenos Aires. In 2014, he established Six N. Five, a sobriquet and studio name inspired by the time of day (6:05 p.m.) that marked the end of a workday and the beginning of personal time, wherein Pini could step into his imagination and visualize arriving home to commence working on his art and exploring new ideas. Today, however, the name Six N. Five largely references the start of Pini’s day, where he can fully immerse himself in new ideas and imaginary realms. Pini’s work via Six N. Five has come to be recognized for its hyper-clean aesthetic, and psychologically transportive world building.

Triple X founder Derrick Li (left) with Ezequiel Pini (right). Courtesy of Triple X.

Triple X founder Derrick Li (left) with Ezequiel Pini (right). Courtesy of Triple X.

What You Need to Know: Emerging from a series of informal encounters—occurring from New York to Doha and a few places in between—and a shared vision with Derrick Li of Triple X, Pini has joined the ranks along with Raoul Marks and Min Shi as a Triple X exclusively represented artist. Specializing in digital art, the partnership between Triple X and Pini is both promising and fitting. Already, Li has coordinated the inclusion of Pini’s 2022–23 work in the 50th Anniversary Contemporary Evening Auction at Sotheby’s Hong Kong, which goes live April 5, 2023. Triple X has maintained a mission of fostering and promoting the work of its represented artists, as well as cultivating a new and sustainable digital art ecosystem. By showcasing high level digital art and engaging with scholars, critics, collectors, and others with a vested interest in creating a sustainable digital art ecology (versus flippers or traders), Li is at the forefront of a new frontier within this digital art avant-garde.

Why We Like It: Pini’s work on the whole is centered on imaginary spaces, spaces that the viewer could almost believe they can step into. The inspirations behind his work are diverse and drawn from myriad disciplines, ranging from art history, architecture, nature, and cinematography. In pieces such as , the confluence of these influences is simultaneously recognizable yet decidedly new, seamlessly orchestrated to form a cohesive view into Pini’s creative process and imaginative aesthetic. Midcentury modern and contemporary design are depicted with the same clean light and line as vignettes of natural landscapes, and the easy flow of greenery and flowers mimic the natural flows within nature, such as waterfalls, wind, rain, or the sea; the addition of sound that is melodic and references the sound of plants moving or growing further contributes to the creation of an all-consuming alternate reality—or, rather, a reality alternative. Referenced less literally, too evokes the work of the Surrealists, whose engagement with the quotidian took on the air of the mystical through specific compositional interventions. and other works by Pini easily transport the viewer into a meditative, mesmeric world that bestows an overwhelming sense of tranquility and balance, offering a deeply intellectual exploration of perception and aesthetics.

See work by Ezequiel Pini (Six N. Five) below.





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