Street Art and Graffiti

Brisbane Street Art Festival

Street art festivals are one of the best ways to experience this art form. Usually, street art is scattered throughout the city, so it’s hard to experience it all at once, like other art forms that can be found in a gallery. Street art festivals solve this problem by turning cities into galleries on a massive scale! Discover urban art culture by visiting the street art festivals that you can find around the world with us.

SHINE Mural Festival – Florida

SHINE Murals in St. Pete, FL

This street art festival brings the local community together in celebration of the city’s creative excellence. For over a week, artists decorate the streets of Florida with street art murals. If you want to go to a mind-blowing festival that will brighten your day, SHINE is the one for you!

Upfest – Bristol

Mural by Jody, Upfest

Bristol Upfest has become Europe’s largest street art festival. And it’s no wonder because artists like Banksy have been using the streets as their canvas for a long time in Bristol. As Britain’s street art capital, it’s hard to imagine there’s more space for street art murals than in Bristol.

Street Art Fest – Grenoble

Grenoble Street Art Fest

This festival is held for several months, so during this time one can draw a huge number of different works of art on the streets of Grenoble and other cities. Artists from all over are often invited to take part and create in this festival.

Afri-cans Street Art Fest – Kampala

Mural, Afri-cans Street Art Fest

The African Street Art Festival is based in Uganda. Artists from all over the world come here. Musicians and dancers, embracing more than just street art murals, take part in this dynamic celebration of street art in all its possible forms. It only lasts two days.

HK walls – Hong Kong

Sheung Wan is a highly popular place for graffiti and street art,Hong Kong, China

The creative process is often a mystery to those of us who prefer to admire art rather than create it. HK Walls aims to get rid of this mystery for at least one week of the year! Based in Hong Kong, this festival oversees the creation of really interesting works of art on the streets of this big city. It takes place every year in March, so if you’re in China in March 2022, it’s definitely worth a visit!

MURAL Festival – Montréal

MURAL festival

If you want to experience a cultural event that highlights Canada’s best street art murals in a two-week-long festival you definitely should go to Montréal.

Brisbane Street Art Festival – Brisbane

Brisbane Street Art Festival

The Brisbane Street Art Festival is also two weeks long. It boasts an impressive events program that runs alongside the creation of the art.


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