The artist Lina Condes created art installations about the war


Art installations named “The Thinker” appeared in Borodyanka as part of the “SILENT HOPE OF THE CHILDREN OF UKRAINE” project. Their author was the American-Ukrainian artist Lina Condes. The art object is an image of a sad person (child/mother/Ukrainian people) who lives in wartime, but looks forward to the future with hope.

“The country is detached from the level of social life. People are deprived of many things. At the same time, a person thinks more about how to solve problems, and this makes a person closer to something spiritual. The only thing that remains is spiritual because we have nothing else. We only have hope… I am a mother. Hope for the future of our children is the strongest incentive. When I am in my city of Kyiv and grow old with the surrounding forests, I will continue to hold out hope that there will be world leaders in my country and region, on my continent and in the world, who will never allow our children tried to take away freedom under the threat of nuclear weapons and war, which we, Ukrainians, have experienced on ourselves, so that mothers and their children become refugees, like us – the people of Ukraine, to kill and rape children and the elderly, to disrespect human dignity, as happened to us. By the people of Ukraine,” comments Lina.

Kindergartens, schools, playgrounds, and residential buildings were chosen as locations for the installations – where the Russian army most often commits war crimes. In this way, the organizers of the project want to remind the world about the bloody war, as well as reduce and prevent violence against women and children.

It is reported that the funds received from the sale of the installations will be used to restore the health of children affected by the war.


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