The Contemporary Art World Is Rapidly Changing—A New Certificate at Christie’s Education Promises to Get You Up to Speed


Along with being a cornerstone of culture, and the subject of widespread fascination and enthusiasm, contemporary art is also representative of a complex and dynamic market—and a dominant facet of the art world overall. Because of its expansiveness, learning about the contemporary art world and how to participate in it can seem opaque and overwhelming. A new online certificate course offered by Christie’s Education aims to provide clarity on exactly this, and, more importantly, the tools to become an art world professional.

This April, Christie’s Education is launching the Contemporary Art World: Theory and Structure, a course geared towards those looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the nuances and functioning of the contemporary art market and industry. Of the course’s unveiling, Online Program Director Ted Sandling said, “After five years working behind the camera, I was thrilled to step out in front and present this one. It’s such a well-written course, the words and concepts come alive.”

Courtesy of Christie's Education.

Courtesy of Christie’s Education.

Since its founding in 1978, Christie’s Education has become recognized as a leading specialized institute providing students with rigorous and concentrated training for art world careers. With locations in London, New York, and Hong Kong for on location learning, Christie’s Education also has an extensive online program, with the addition of the Contemporary Art World: Theory and Structure is yet another offering amongst a curriculum already replete with numerous focused courses. As the only academic institution wholly owned by an auction house, students have access to resources and insight that can’t be found elsewhere.

With a syllabus comprised of six modules, the Contemporary Art World: Theory and Culture course presents lectures by industry experts on both the academic underpinnings of contemporary art as well as deep dives into different facets of the international art world as it operates today. Rounded out with career-focused interviews with important industry figures, students can garner not only a deeper understanding of contemporary art theory, but of the intricacies of contemporary art as a business.

Courtesy of Christie's Education.

Courtesy of Christie’s Education.

Through the learning modules, students will be able to identify and map the intricate ecosystems that exist between entities such as public and private museums, galleries, art fairs, and auction houses, as well as learn about the key artists and movements—from Modernism and Abstract Expressionism to conceptual art and street art. In conjunction with learning about prevailing theoretical foundations, such as globalization, social influences, and the role of art in culture today, students will be learning from art world professionals, and gaining unparalleled insight from their lived experience.

Whether considering starting a career in the art world or endeavoring to advance your skills as an art world professional, the Contemporary Art World: Theory and Structure certificate course presented by Christie’s Education offers a world-class learning and training experience to accomplish your goals.


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