The full list of major art fairs in 2023, from Marrakech to Miami


Read our round-up of the most interesting fairs in the coming year here.

SEA Focus, Singapore, 6-15 January

Este Arte, Punta del Este, Uruguay, 7-10 January

Art SG, Singapore, 12-15 January

LA Art Show, Los Angeles, US, 15-19 January

London Art Fair, UK, 18-22 January

Fog Design + Art, San Francisco, US, 19-22 January

Original Miami Beach Antique Show, Miami Beach, US, 19-23 January

The Winter Show, New York, US, 20-29 January

Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair (winter), London, UK, 24-29 January

Art Boca Raton, Boca Raton, US, 25-30 January

Art Genève, Geneva, Switzerland, 26-29 January

Brafa, Brussels, Belgium, 29 January-5 February

Artefiera, Bologna, Italy, 3-5 February

Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium, 8-12 February

Zona Maco, Mexico City, Mexico, 8-12 February

India Art Fair, New Delhi, India, 9-12 February

Material, Mexico City, Mexico, 9-12 February

1-54 Marrakech, Morocco, 9-12 February

Art Rotterdam, Netherlands, 9-12 February

Rotterdam Photo, Netherlands, 9-12 February

Intersect Palm Springs, Palm Springs, US, 9-12 February

Arte Genova, Italy, 10-13 February

Art Wynwood, Miami, US, 16-19 February

Palm Beach Show, US, 16-21 February

Superfine, Miami Beach, US, 16-19 February

Frieze Los Angeles, US, 16-19 February

Investec Cape Town Art Fair, South Africa, 17-19 February

Palm Springs Modernism, US, 17-20 February

Art Madrid, Spain, 22-26 February

ARCO Madrid, Spain, 22-26 February

Just Mad, Madrid, Spain, 23-26 February

Nomad St Moritz, St Moritz, Switzerland, 23-26 February

Art Sampa, São Paulo, Brazil, 1-5 March

Aotearoa Art Fair, Auckland, New Zealand, 2-5 March

Art Dubai, UAE, 1-5 March

Outsider Art Fair, New York, US, 2-5 March

Collect Art Fair, London, UK, 3-5 March

Mercanteinfiera Spring, Parma, Italy, 4-12 March

Collectible, Brussels, Belgium, 9-12 March

Antikmässan, Stockholm, Sweden, 9-12 March

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London, UK, 9-12 March

Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen, Germany, 10-12 March

Art Fair Tokyo, Japan, 10-12 March

TEFAF Maastricht, Netherlands, 11-19 March

Antik Passion Almoneda, Madrid, Spain, 18-26 March

Salon du Dessin, Paris, France, 22-27 March

Affordable Art Fair, New York, US, 22-26 March

Art Central Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, 22-25 March

Art Basel Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, 23-25 March

Drawing Now, Paris, France, 23-26 March

MIA Fair, Milan, Italy, 23-26 March

Superfine, San Francisco, US, 23-26 March

Palm Beach Contemporary & Modern, US, 23-26 March

SP-Arte, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 29 March-2 April

PAD Paris, France, 29 March-2 April

Art Paris, France, 30 March-2 April

Art Expo New York, US, 30 March-2 April

Art Dusseldorf, Germany, 31 March-2 April

Urban Art Fair, Paris, France, 13-16 April

Superfine, Washington DC, US, 13-16 April

Expo Chicago, US, 13-16 April

miart, Milan, Italy, 14-16 April

Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan, Italy, 18-23 April

PArC (Peru Arte Contemporaneo), Lima, Peru, 19-23 April

Art Brussels, Belgium, 20-23 April

Photofairs Shanghai, China, 20-23 April

Art Market San Francisco, US, 20-23 April

Dallas Art Fair, US, 20-23 April

Discovery Art Fair, Cologne, Germany, 21-23 April

New York International Antiquarian Book Fair, US, 27-30 April

Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, London, UK, 10-14 May

Kunst RAI, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 3-7 May

Art Vancouver, Canada, 4-7 May

Art Karlsruhe, Germany, 4-7 May

ART (Art Revolution Taipei), Taiwan, 5-8 May

Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair (spring), London, UK, 9-14 May

Future Fair, New York, US, 10-13 May

Supermarket (Stockholm Independent Art Fair), Sweden, 11-14 May

Photo London, London, UK, 10-14 May

Independent, New York, US, 11-14 May

Superfine, Seattle, US, 11-14 May

Market Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden, 12-14 May

Taipei Dangdai, Taiwan, 12-14 May

TEFAF New York, US, 12-16 May

Eye of the Collector, London, UK, 17-20 May

Frieze New York, US, 17-21 May

Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, China, 18-21 May

Nada New York (New Art Dealers Alliance), US, 18-21 May

Glasgow Contemporary Art Fair, UK, 19-21 May

ARCO Lisbon, Portugal, 25-28 May

Arch Moscow, Russia, 7-10 June

Volta Basel, Switzerland, 12-18 June

Liste Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland, 12-18 June

Photo Basel, Switzerland, 13-18 June

Design Miami, Basel, Switzerland, 13-18 June

Affordable Art Fair Sydney, Australia, 15-18 June

Rhy Art Salon Basel, Switzerland, 15-18 June

Art Basel, Switzerland, 15-18 June

Tokyo International Art Fair, Japan, 23-24 June

Masterpiece London, UK, 28 June-5 July

Tokyo Gendai, Japan, 7-9 July

Art Santa Fe, US, 14-16 July

Seattle Art Fair, US, 27-30 July

Art Market Hamptons, Bridgehampton, US, 10-13 August

Art-o-rama, Marseilles, France, 31 August-3 September

Affordable Art Fair Melbourne, Australia, 31 August-3 September

Art Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 6-10 September

Frieze Seoul, South Korea, 6-9 September

Art Beijing, China, 9-12 September

Vienna Contemporary, Austria, 7-10 September

Art on Paper, New York, US, 7-10 September

The Armory Show, New York, US, 8-10 September

Photofairs New York, US, 8-10 September

Superfine, New York, US, 14-17 September

Design London, UK, 20-23 September

Affordable Art Fair NYC (fall), New York, US, 20-24 September

Goldsmiths’ Fair, London, UK, 26 September-8 October

Lausanne Art Fair, Switzerland, 28 September-1 October

Pinta Photo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 28 September-1 October

Texas Contemporary, Houston, US, October

The Chicago Show: Antiques & Art & Modern, Chicago, US, October

Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair (autumn), London, UK, 3-8 October

Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, Sweden, 5-8 October

PAD London, UK, 10-15 October

Frieze London / Frieze Masters, London, UK, 11-15 October

1-54 London, UK, 13-16 October

Art International Zurich, Switzerland, 13-15 October

Paris+ par Art Basel, Paris, France, 19-22 October

Kunst Zurich, Switzerland, 27-30 October

Contemporary Art Ruhr: Innovative Art Fair, Essen, Germany, 27-29 October

Art Cologne, Germany, November

Artissima, Turin, Italy, November

Abu Dhabi Art, UAE, November

Art x Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria, 2-5 November

Art San Diego, US, 3-5 November

Salon Art + Design, New York, US, 9-13 November

Paris Photo, France, 9-12 November

West Bund Art & Design, Shanghai, China, 9-12 November

PAN Amsterdam, Netherlands, 19-26 November

Scope Miami Beach, US, December

Spectrum Miami, US, December

AADLA Fine Art & Antiques Show, New York, US, December

Untitled, Miami Beach, US, 5-9 December

Art Miami, US, 5-10 December

Pinta Miami, US, 6-10 December

Art Basel Miami Beach, US, 7-9 December

Design Miami, Miami Beach, US, 7-9 December

INK Miami, Miami Beach, US, 7-9 December


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