The magic of epoxy resin – more beauty in this world!


Meet Uliana Milenina, an artist and interior designer whose passion for creation transforms everyday objects into unique masterpieces. Her journey started as a small hobby, but turned into an exciting business, attracting the attention of companies from all over the world.

With each step, Uliana presents an experiment, each of her creations is a unique work of art. Starting to create paintings as a way to relax, she was able to unleash her talent and found her own studio in Moscow. Her work has not gone unnoticed, and collaboration with companies involved in the design of state and commercial theaters and museums has brought her worldwide fame.

Among her successful projects is a collaboration with the famous Israeli artist Roman Reznitsky and the jewelry brand LM STUDIO GmbH from Germany. This allowed her to assert herself on the world stage and draw attention to her art.

Now Uliana Milenina plans to popularize the creation of paintings and interior items made of epoxy resin in the United States. Her ambitious plans include opening a school for workshops aimed at children and adults. This initiative is especially valuable given her recent role as a mother — she understands perfectly well how important it is for children to have easy access to creativity.

In addition, Uliana is actively working on a project to launch online courses, making her knowledge and experience more accessible to more people.

We wish Uliana Milenina success in realizing her noble mission — to bring more beauty to this world through unique works of art!

By The USA Art News Team


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