The Top 10 Photographs of Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe is an American actress and singer. Considered a sex symbol throughout the world. Real name – Norma Jean Mortenson, in baptism – Norma Jean Baker. She was born June 1, 1962, in Los Angeles.

Long before the advent of Instagram, the world knew its influencers – one of them was the inimitable Marilyn Monroe, who would celebrate her birthday today. Most of Marilyn Monroe’s photos serve as clear evidence that the main sex symbol of the 1950s knew how to properly present herself in front of the camera – it is obvious from whom modern Instagram stars take an example in this matter.

Her image and outfits have always been impeccable – remember at least a snapshot from the opening ceremony of the 1952 Miss America pageant or Monroe’s iconic red carpet appearances. The actress has become the personification of a real sex bomb. Each of her appearances in public was met with a standing ovation.

The future star began climbing in 1945. Then, she worked at the aircraft factory of Radioplane Co. Army photographer David Conover, who arrived at the facility to create a series of propaganda shots of working women, noticed a photogenic beauty with undeniable charm.

Norma began her Hollywood career in 1946 when she received an offer from 20th Century Fox. During her creative career, she starred in 30 films.


Of course, no Marilyn Monroe iconic photo can convey the complexity and ambiguity of her personality, as well as the whole tragedy of her life, but thanks to them we can still understand why she was so unconditionally awarded the status of an icon.

The best, including little-known pics of Marlin Monroe and her stunning outfits, can be seen in our selection.

At Hollywood’s Annual International Film Festival, in 1952
In New York, 1954
In London, in 1956
In London, in 1956
At the Golden Globe Award ceremony, in 1960

Marilyn Monroe, who left a bright mark on the world history of cinema, music, and high culture, was discovered dead at night from August 4 to 5, 1962, in her home (Los Angeles, 12305 Fifth Helena Drive, Brentwood, California). Close to a wide range of medicines and pills. The official version of death is an overdose of sleeping pills. Buried at Westwood Cemetery.


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