Worth-Visiting Art Events And Festivals In Miami That Are Not Art Basel


If you have never visited Miami before, you can be forgiven for believing it’s all about the sun, sea, and sand. However, this is a grave error as it’s actually a cultural powerhouse filled with all manner of exciting events and festivals. As you will discover, due to its location, climate, economy, and culture famed for its melting pot vibe, Miami is perhaps one of the most exciting cities in the states and arguably equal to the usual suspects of New York, LA, and Chicago. If you don’t believe it, read on to have your mind thoroughly changed!

Why Miami Is A Hotbed Of Art And Culture

Miami is unique in the nation’s fabric as it stands out as a melting pot of cultures. This can be seen in its post-colonial history when it was first conquered and occupied by Spain, only to become a part of the British Empire later (signed over in 1763 because Spain wanted to regain its more valuable territories of Cuba and the Philippines). Moreover, it has always remained a part of, but inextricably different from, the rest of the country. In addition to the domestic immigration from other parts of the country, Florida has also seen waves of international immigration, mainly from Spanish-speaking countries, which began as a result of the crisis in Cuba and then simply became an integral part of the state’s population. 

Consequently, it has become a Meca for all things exotic, exciting, and fabulous of US, European, and Latin culture, which, combined with its sublime c climate, has made it the foremost destination for an eclectic mix of nature lovers, the wealthy, thrill-seekers, and retirees! As a result, property prices have remained high and consistently in demand. If you are looking to take advantage of this fascinating heritage, the best way is to contact a reputable realty agent who can provide you with instant alerts for new Miami houses as soon as those in your budget come up. However, because of Miami’s booming fame, these properties tend to appear and disappear with equal rapidity! Nonetheless, once you become a resident of the great Sunshine State, you can take advantage of all of the fantastic festivals and events that occur throughout the year!

What Are The Most Worthwhile Art Events To Attend In Miami?

Even though it’s already March, this post will focus mainly on those events still to come throughout eth year. Nonetheless, it will briefly cover those that have already occurred just to ensure that the topic is covered in full. 


Because of the relatively cooler weather in the first few months of the year, there tend to be more outdoor events that take place. Some of the most prominent include:

  • South beach jazz festival: Although the new year may have long passed, and you are now firmly into 2023, this is an excellent suggestion for next year. It’s a fabulous way to bring in another year in a slightly less-than-usual manner.
  • Art deco weekend: Calling all art deco lovers! You will love this event showcasing this famous style ingrained in Miami architecture of a certain age.
  • Half and full marathon: the sun is less intense this time of year, so make haste and try your chances at the half or full marathon event.


Similar to January, February also hosts some unique events that are more suited to the cooler temperatures, including:

  • Miami international boat show: When you think of Miami, you probably think of the sea. Well, you and others because this international boat show is one of the most famous worldwide and, as such, showcases some of the most unimaginable yachts on the planet.
  • Coconut grove arts festival: 2023 marks its 57th year as one of Miami’s premier events to mark down in your calendar. Miami has a thriving art scene, and this is one of them.
  • South beach food and wine festival: If you like food and enjoy the beach, your dreams have been answered!


March is when things really come alive, which can be seen in the abundance of activities taking place, ranging from film to food and everything in between!

  • Miami film festival: Famed for its contribution to the world of film, Miami is home to one of the more prestigious film festivals in the country.
  • Jazz in the gardens (Miamian really love their jazz!): Yep, jazz again! This event showcases the best of the best when it comes to jazz, and if you are into this genre of music, you will love the spectacle.
  • Winter party festival: There is a winter in Florida, believe it or not, and this festival celebrates the fact that the weather isn’t always hot and sticky!
  • Carnival Miami: Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional carnival? And with a Latin spirit pulsing through the event, you will be taken away to distant lands of joy and fun.
  • Calle Ocho music festival: If you enjoy a more upbeat tempo, this is the place for you. Full of soul, spirit, and joy, it is the place to be this March. 
  • Miami Open: The Miami Open ranks alongside the other greats in the tennis season, and if you happen to be here in March, you might want to book a ticket (just do so well in advance).
  • Ultra music festival: Turning away from jazz for a moment, the Ultra music festival is a showcase of all things electro. If this sounds like fun to you, head on down to soak up the energy.
  • Deering seafood festival: Being by the sea, excluding a seafood event from this list would be remiss!


While the number of things happening tends to slow down during April, there are still a few exciting things to see and do.

  • Miami beach pride: Miami beach pride is an exhibition of the LGBT community, although anyone who wants to support the case is welcome to attend.
  • Beach polo world cup: This is more of a spectacle than most people give it credit for. You will see teams thundering around the beach on horses vying to become the world champions of this historic game.


May is an interesting month regarding things to do because as the temperature beings to moisten, there are fewer things to see. Nonetheless, there are still two utterly outstanding events that anyone who’s anyone will attend.

  • Miami fashion week: New York, Chicago, LA, and of course, Miami are often considered the fashion capitals of the US. While Miami might not have the draw of NYC fashion week, it’s still an exciting event to attend if you enjoy high fashion. Moreover, it is home to interesting art exhibitions like the famous Balloon Dog of Jeff Koons fame.
  • Formula 1 grand prix: This is a recent addition to the usual F1 Calendar and a sight to behold. Moreover, you are more likely to bump into random celebrities here than at any other event.


Now you are approaching some of the sticker months of the year, meaning there will be less to do, and the things you want to do will likely take place inside an air-conditioned arena or on the beach!

  • American black film festival: This is one of the premier black events of the year. It showcases some truly remarkable films made by African Americans and their trials, tribulations, and successes as they navigate modern America.
  • Miami beach Caribbean heritage festival: Being so close to the Caribean (some might say it’s part of it), this heritage festival is a great way to learn more about the culture surrounding the region.


As one of the hottest dates of the year (temperature-wise), it shouldn’t be a surprise there is less to do. Nevertheless, there is one event that stands out as a must-see.

  • Rolling loud music festival: Rollin loud is a great hip-hop music festival that many of the stars of the genre head to in July. Aside from the usual megastars, you can also see some of Florida’s homegrown talent.


August is mid-summer, but don’t let that put you off going outside, as there are still a couple of exciting parties and events to attend.


One theme that should become apparent by now is the prevalence of music and food shows! They are both a staple of Folridain and Miami society and should not be missed.

  • Bachateando bound dance festival: Another dance festival to add to your calendar.
  • Americas food & beverage show Miami: This is actually a pretty unique and exciting food festival as it represents all of the Americas, ensuring there is something for everyone.


October boasts an interesting mix of carnival and motorsports so that you can take your pick depending on your preference.

  • Miami carnival and parade concert: Another month, another carnival! However, this one is more of an exuberant celebration of the overall Caribbean culture of Miami.
  • Nascar dixie vodka 400 weekend: If you like loud motorsports but think that F1 isn’t loud enough or doesn’t contain enough red meat (you’re just not standing close enough!), then the dixie vodka 400 is the race for you.


The eleventh month marks a slight change in the usual mashup of cuisine, booze, and partying and instead emphasizes intellectual and mindful activities (but don’t worry, there’s still some booze!) Additionally, you might want to visit some of the famous art exhibitions currently on display (just be careful!)

  • Miami book fair: This book fair happens every year and spans two days of engaging, thoughtful, and intriguing exploration of literature.
  • Rum renaissance festival: Replicate the drinking rites of the pirates who used to call this once small port home, and get yourself belated up with interesting rum from around the world.
  • Vintage auto club: If you enjoy vintage autos, you will find almost every model under the sun here.


Being the festive season it is, December inevitably involves something to do with Christmas! However, there are other activities you can get up to, even if you aren’t feeling particularly festive.

  • Santas enchanted forest: This obligatory Christmas enchanted forest is a great place to bring the family and spend a great day together.

So there you have it, something to do for every month of the year. Some are one-off events, while others occur year-round. So take your pick, create some time to celebrate, and enjoy your time in Miami!


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