In Arizona Discovered The Unexplained Connection Of Jackson Pollock And da Vinci

The story Arizona art dealer Josh Levine’s discovery of a Jackson Pollock (along with works by Kenneth Noland and Jules Olitski) seems plausible until you get to his experts. Peter Paul Biro came to prominence through his claims to have discovered Leonardo’s fingerprints in the pigment of a painting.
Then there’s the simple question of the painting itself:

Levine said that the paintings were bequeathed to the Sun City homeowner by his sister, Jenifer Gordon, a close friend of Greenberg and Peggy Guggenheim, an art collector and socialite also important in promoting Pollock’s work.

The forensics report, done by Peter Paul Biro, said that the paint on the alleged Pollock contained no pigments or binding that was introduced after Pollock’s death.