The sea of long, wavy hair, dreaming, floating in their thoughts and a few gloomy girls, the moon, and dancing, a small world of childhood, but already on the verge of growing up, twisting flowers and goldfish, a feeling of mystery and beauty.

A young Vietnamese girl draws in a youth style from a beautiful combination of anime, manga, photography, and graphics. Creates artistic illustrations for books for children and adolescents. Inspired by music, poetry, fairy tales, dreams and fantastic stories.

The artist works in different genres of digital art. This painting, photomanipulation, conceptual art, illustrations. Among the digital paintings, one can also find traditional techniques: oil painting and acrylic, watercolor, drawing with ink and pencil.

In one commentary to one of her illustrations “Beautiful Mind” she says: “You may be an ugly person, but you can think beautifully …”

Her beautiful computer pictures you can see on her page in Deviantart, where under each illustration you can read her short commentary, having found out what was the inspiration for the work and in what children’s or youth book you can find it.